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Today I wanted to share a recent photograph from Melanie’s Personal Branding Social Media shoot. I absolutely love photographing Personal Branding sessions as they can include a wide variety of photographs. Melanie wanted some action or doing images that she could use on her website and social media channels. During our shoot, we headed outdoors to capture a variety of different scenarios. We were lucky enough to stumble across an area of trees that were being replanted. As an environmental scientist working with companies on their environmental management strategies, this was a perfect image to represent one aspect of what Melanie does.


Over the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the beautiful wedding of Steven and Melinda. It was such a gorgeous day! I must admit with all of the rain that we had on Friday, I was a little worried that the weather was going to be a little damp, but luckily it held off and we only had a few showers during the reception. We started out the day with Steve and the boys at their home for some photographs. The boys were looking dashing in their Studio Italia suits. The boys were very relaxed and a joy to photograph. Then we were off to The Links at Hamilton to see the girls. Again, everyone was cool calm and collected and Mel was very relaxed and excited for the day ahead. Mel’s stunning Wendy Makin gown was something I had never seen before and she looked absolutely stunning in it!!! And the gorgeous flowers from Northside Flower Market complimented the colour scheme beautifully! After some gorgeous photographs in and around the hotel and Portside, we headed off to the Brisbane Racing Club for the ceremony.

Their beautiful ceremony was held under the gorgeous fig tree outside the Tote Room at the Brisbane Racing Club. Jamie from Brisbane City Celebrants conducted the short but sweet ceremony where Mel and Steve became husband and wife. Their two Mums witnessed their marriage officially, then with a kiss and some confetti they were husband and wife. After a gorgeous group shot and some family photos, we were off around the BRC for some bridal party portraits. I absolutely loved the diversity of locations we found in and around the grounds. And luckily for us, we had the most magical sunset to finish off the shoot.

Then we headed back to the Tote Room where the party started. A beautiful night of festivities ensued with dinner, speeches, cake, dancing and some sparklers Mel and Steve celebrated the night away! Oh and I have to mention the absolutely stunning wedding cake made by Cake My Day by Jo. It looked absolutely amazing and the little taste I had, it was just as divine!!!

Thank you both for such a magical day. It was such a privilege to witness how much love you both share, how loved you are by both your friends and family and how welcoming you made us feel. Both Mary and I felt like we were part of your family. We hope you enjoy your little sneaky peek!

And again a big thank you to Mary for being my second shooter again!



Terry Hayes - May 3, 2016 - 10:42 pm

absolutely beautiful

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the gorgeous Lauren, her Mum, Grandma and her daughter for a Mother Daughter session. It is so beautiful and rare to be able to capture 4 generations in one photograph. The star of the show of course was Sophie. She gave us so many beautiful smiles and absolutely loved playing with the beads. Thank you so much ladies for such a fun morning and enjoy your sneaky peek!



Today I wanted to share a post that is a little different today – the topic of self love. It is a topic that keeps coming up in all of my conversations with my clients during boudoir sessions, but also something that I have been working on a lot in my own personal life.

Self love is such an interesting topic. It sometimes I think could be misconstrued at being “selfish” but I think that is just an uninformed opinion. My opinion on self love is that you need to take the time to care, love, nurture and be in tune with yourself in order to be of service and to care and love others. How can you love and care for others if you are not caring for yourself.

A quote that I have recently come across from a website that I absolutely love is Tiny Buddha. I think it really puts into perspective what the true meaning of self love is…

“Self-love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self worth.” – Caroline Kirk

Self love is something that can be explored and achieved in so many different ways. It is such an interesting concept to “love yourself” but what exactly does that mean?? It’s not just pampering yourself or taking time out (although I believe that we should all nourish ourselves more) but a daily practice of being emotionally responsible for all of your actions, choices and decisions. It is about the following things:

  1. Looking after our bodies – physically, emotionally and spiritually so we can be the best versions of ourselves
  2. Being emotionally honest with ourselves and the people around us
  3. Building a life and doing work that we love – it doesn’t have to be the norm, it can be what ever you want it to be depending on what your priorities are in life. You don’t always have to follow the crowd
  4. Self acceptance – accepting who we are, our flaws and all, accepting our inner and outer beauty
  5. Making time for play, adventure and just fun experiences
  6. Learning how to speak to yourself – speak to yourself as though you were coaching and encouraging your best friend.. how does this change your mindset?

Self love to me is a daily practice of being kind to yourself, accepting yourself for all your flaws and imperfections, growing, learning and being the best version of yourself. I think if we were all just a little kinder to ourselves and each other the world would be a completely different place.

Some of the practical things that I like to do regularly include:

  1. Going for a walk or a hike. I love being out with nature and getting out and moving
  2. A hot bubble bath while reading a book
  3. Baking
  4. Eating nourishing foods that give my body as much energy as possible
  5. Meditating to clear any emotional blocks I may be facing
  6. Being near the water – whether that be fishing, sitting by the river or heading to the beach
  7. Writing in my gratitude journal
  8. Celebrating successes or wins however big or small in my life.. I don’t think we do this enough.

So what do you do to practice self love?? I would love to hear in the comments…