Would you like to own a beautiful collection of photographs that celebrate your unique beauty? Would you an experience that changes the way you see yourself? Would you like to feel more empowered, more beautiful, more confident and more comfortable in your own skin?

Then a boudoir session is for you. Here at Nicole Barralet Photography, we want to create a beautiful boudoir experience that celebrates you!

Would you like a photographic experience that:

• Makes you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin
• Makes you feel more empowered as a woman and ready to take on the world
• Leaves you feel more self-assured and sexy
• Captures you unique beauty, your individaul body type and the perfect imperfections that make you, you
• Changes the way you see yourself - let us show you what others see
• Gives you a collection of photos that whenever you look at them, reminds you how you felt in that moment
• And if you are gifting the photographs to your partner, give him a gift he will love and never forget!

Each and every boudoir session is about capturing your unique beauty, capturing your personality and the parts of your body that you love. 

We want to get to know you, your story and your reasons why you want to do a boudoir shoot. 

Let's celebrate the incredible woman that you are.


Boudoir photography is a mixture of three different genres - a little bit of glamour, a little bit of boudoir and sometimes a little bit of fine art au naturel. 
All sessions are customized to each client and your comfort level. Boudoir is all about sensuality and leaving something to the imagination.
It's about capturing the woman, the personality, the spirit and not just the body.


Most boudoir sessions start out with a little bit of glamour photography. It is a great way to get warmed up and feel a bit more comfortable in front of the camera.

And don't worry, our style of glamour didn't come from the 80's but more fashion magazine inspired beauty portraits.


Boudoir photography in it's simplest form is being photographed beautifully and sensually in your lingerie.

Here at NBP it is more than that to us. It is about creating a mood, showing off your gorgeous body, feeling great and capturing your inner spirit and personality. It's sensual, tasteful and something you will be proud of.


Fine art au naturel is all about capturing beautiful black and white images showcasing the femaln form in all it's beauty. They are tasteful, elegant and could be featured on a wall as a piece of art for all to enjoy. Our style are not full frontal in your face, tehy are subtle, beautiful, intriguing and showing off your beautiful body. These photos are usually done at the end of a boudoir session when you are feeling totally comfortable and confident!

And of course, you don't have to include these in your session if you don't want to.


I believe that every woman is beautiful. As a photographer, I want to show you your beauty. I want to capture how others see you - gorgeous, confident and comfortable in your own skin. I want to capture your gorgeous smile so that when you look at your photos you think, 'Wow, I am happy and beautiful.' 

I think as women we are all way too judgemental on ourselves and our bodies. Our internal voice can be our harshest critic and we need to be a little more kind to ourselves.

I am a curvy girl and I embrace that. I know that I am a beautiful woman not just because of my curves, but because of my personality, how I treat others, how I value my health and my body. I am a sum of all those things and a work in progress.

As a boudoir photographer it is my mission to capture women. Your body shape and size don't matter to me. I only want to capture the most beautiful photos of YOU. And that means capturing women of all ages, all body shapes and sizes, all skin tones and all personalities. This is why I created my studio manifesto and is something I am incredibly passionate about.

I want every woman to walk out of the studio feeling elated and empowered and feeling like they are the most gorgeous woman in the world, because in my mind, they are.

I want you to harness that power, embrace who you are and make a positive impact in this world.


Weekdays $199 // Weekends $299

Our boudoir experience includes:

• Email pre-consultation and questionnaire
• A session planning guide
• Professional hair and makeup styling in our studio
• 1-2 hour portrait session
• Up to 5 outfit changes

The session fee does not include any actual photographs.
It covers the experience, hair and makeup and time
in the studio.


After the session fee prints and products are an additional purchase.

Prints start from $95.
Little Black Books start from $899.
Digital Photo Collections start from $449.

There is no minimum spend and no pressure to buy. You only decide on your products after you have seen your beautiful photographs. We only want you to buy what you love!

We also offer Payment Plans.

For full pricing, please fill out the form below and we will email you our pdf.


Our most popular boudoir product are our gorgeous albums also known as our Little Black Books. They come in two sizes and feature at least 20 photos. Each album is custom designed to showcase your boudoir experience. Plus there is the option to add in a meaningful quote or love letter in the front of the album.



Due to the private nature of boudoir photography, not all of my clients give me permission to publish their photos (which I am totally ok with) so each year I run my annual Boudoir Babes model search to find everyday women to be the face of boudoir for NBP. During these sessions we also create a beautiful video to showcase their photo session and tell their story. Click below to view our Boudoir Babe stories.


We understand that a boudoir experience is not something you do everyday and no doubt you have questions. It's completely normal! So we want you to be as prepared as possible for the shoot. We have created an extensive FAQ list and some advice articles to help you plan your ulimate boudoir experience. Click below to check them out. 


If you love what you have read and think we would be a good fit then please get in touch. 
We would love to hear more about why you would love to do a boudoir session, what you are planning and how we could serve you.


All emails will be replied within 48 hours. Sometimes they end up in the junk/spam/promo folders. 
If you haven't received a reply within 48 hours, please send Nicole a TXT to 0409 050 422.

Thank you!