The Baby Plan

The first year of a child’s life is such an amazing year of growth. From a beautiful little (or sometimes big) belly, to a teenie tiny little newborn, to an active 6 month old ready to get moving and a talkative walking 1 year old, time passes so quickly with so many changes to be captured and cherished as it all seems to pass so quickly. Here at nbp | nicole barralet photography, we are passionate about capturing all of the little moments, expressions and growth of your baby so we created the affordable nbp | baby plan!
The baby plan is four sessions over 12 months of your baby’s first year:
• A maternity session
• A newborn session
• A 6 month session
• A 12 month session with a cake smash
Maternity Session
A maternity session is an amazing opportunity for you to capture your beautiful growing belly and the love and connection that you and your partner share awaiting the arrival of your little bundle of joy. These photographs are all about showing off your gorgeous bump and can be taken either in our gorgeous natural light studio for more classic black and white portraiture or an outdoor lifestyle session which celebrates more of a fashion aspect and the connection between the two of you. There are so many emotions, anticipation, love with the upcoming arrival so it’s pretty special to able to capture this in a maternity session. This session is generally photographed anywhere between 34-38 weeks where you belly is nice and round but your not feeling too puffy.
Newborn Session
A newborn session happens within the first 3 weeks of your baby’s birth. This is when they are at their sleepiest and most content. A newborn session is the first opportunity to have your family photographs taken, capture their tiny details – their little hands, feet, ears and eyelashes and also to photograph some gorgeous newborn poses of them just being adorable and sleepy (although in saying that some little newborns are wide awake and just too interested in what is going on around them!).
6 Month Session
The first six month flies and in no time your cute little newborn has turned into a smiley, giggly, active little bubba. By this age they generally love being on their bellies, drool every where with teething and giggle their little hearts out with a game of boo. At the six month session we also like to include any favourite toys into the photograph to remember the little details of what they are into and what makes them laugh.
12 Month Session & Cake Smash
Wow! The first year has flown by and you are getting ready to celebrate your baby’s first year! Around this time they are generally chattery, and either starting to walk or walking and very active and getting into everything. It is a great time to have some family photographs taken again and not to mention have a cake smash! A cake smash is basically where we give your 1 year old a birthday cake on the ground, get them down to their nappies and let them go nuts. Some bubbas just get their hands right in and attack the cakes, where as others are a little more conservative. It’s always a joy to watch and so much fun.
So what does this amazing plan include and cost? Well for an affordable $350* per session, you will receive:
- Maternity, Newborn, 6 month & 12 month (cake smash) photo sessions
- One 8×12 inch print per session
- 3 x digital negatives per session
- 30 page 10×10 inch fine art coffee table book featuring images from all four sessions showcasing the journey and growth of your child’s 1st year! The book will feature a combination of photographs from all four sessions.
*The total cost of the baby plan is $1400. (Valued at $1750) $350 is payable at each session. Each print & 3 digital negatives will be handed over after each session with the final coffee table book produced at the end of the 1st year. Additional products can also be ordered at each purchasing appointment after each session.
Fine Art Coffee Table Book
So what does the coffee book look like you might ask? Well it is a gorgeous 10×10 inch coffee table book has a customizable cover which can be tailored to suit your favourite colour ie. blue, green or orange for boys and pink, purple or red for girls. The books are printed on fine art, museum quality paper with vibrant and vivid archival inks perfect for bring out those gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful fare skin.
Here are a few photos from Carter’s First Year book..

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