Hi, I’m Nicole – it’s nice to meet you!

I want to capture happy photographs of the people that you love! So let’s get to know each other!

I am a 30-something chick with a bright and bubbly personality. I am always smiling, laughing and making the most out of every situation (you know a girl with a glass half full attitude).


I believe that being photographed shouldn’t be a painful experience. I want you to enjoy having your photographs taken. I want you to look happy and feel a connection with the people in the photographs. I want you to remember how you felt in that moment – the love, the joy, the emotion. I want you to remember the people and capture your beautiful relationships.

I absolutely LOVE photographing love and emotion. Whether it be the love shared between two people on a wedding day, the love of a new family celebrating their latest addition or the experience of self love during a boudoir session. I believe I have the best job in the world!! They always say you will never work a day in your life if you truly love what you do… and I completely agree. I could never imagine doing anything else!


I think I have a very unique view of the world. I love being creative and “seeing” the light. If I am not dirty by the end of a shoot, I don’t think I have worked hard enough! I love jumping over fences, lying in the sand or getting down in the grass to capture extraordinary moments. My favourite light to photograph in, is the golden hour just before sunset. I mean have you seen that yummy golden goodness.. photographer’s dreams!


Outside of photography, I love cooking beautiful food and sharing it with family and friends. I love a good coffee, a glass of red wine and a bit of dark chocolate (everything in moderation right?!?). I love pottering in the herb garden, getting outdoors going for a walk or a hike, exploring nature, watching the stars (thanks GD for that obsession), hanging out with my man, camping, fishing or just exploring the world around us. Besides photography, travel is my next favourite obsession! I love my man, my family, my gorgeous niece Scarlett and my nephew Zachary and my friends. I wouldn’t be who I am today without their love and support!


• GD, Family & Friends
• Health & Wellness
• Photography
• Travelling
• Walking & Hiking in Nature
• Camping & Fishing


• Brisbane
• New York
• San Franisco
• Peru
• Vietnam
• Anywhere by Water


• Coffee
• Red Wine
• Dark Chocolate
• Pasta
• A New York Coconut Bagel with
Blueberry Cream Cheese


When looking for a photographer to capture your life event, I believe it is incredibly important to get to know the person behind the lens. If you get along with your photographer and mesh with their vibe, then you will achieve great results!

Capturing people - their love, their emotion and their relationships through photography is one of my passions in life. And I love making people feel comfortable in front of the camera - being photographed doesn't have to be a scary experience! 

Here is a little video explaining why I love photography and how I can capture your moments. Enjoy x


In 2016 I celebrated 10 years of photographing weddings. I couldn't believe how quickly 10 years had passed. I have met so many amazing couples along the way and grown so much as a photographer.

To celebrate this milestone, I put together this little video to reflect on the journey and my hopes for the future. It was so fun to look back on where I started and see where I am today. 

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