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Nicole | Business | Annerley | 22nd May 2012

With our AMAZING Winter Portrait Special just announced, I thought it was fitting to blog about one of the most common questions I get asked when booking a family portrait session… What do I wear?  Here are a few suggestions that work well when photographing your family:

Tip #1 – Smart Casual Dress is Best!

When considering your clothing choices for your family portrait, I always suggest smart casual clothing choices. The photos always look better if you are a little dressier.

Tip #2 – Compliment not Conflict

When choosing the outfits for the members of your family, you should always try and compliment the colours that you are wearing. Try not to use anything with really bold patterns, loud stripes or distinctive logos as these all put together can really over power the people featured in your portrait. You don’t have to all be perfectly matching or dressed from head to toe in the one colour. Select items that have good colour, texture (knits, ruffles and denim) and don’t forget to bring accessories! Try to consider clothing items that have solid colours, subtle prints or checks and colours of a similar tonal range. Ie. Blue could be your colour tone – a dark blue button up shirt with long jeans for Dad, a blue and white subtle pattern dress for Mum and a blue t-shirts for the kids. Here are a few great colour choices:

Light – faded denim, beige, cream, soft pastels or white

Medium – mid denim, greens, blues, light grey, light browns, neutrals, pinks

Dark – dark denim, red, navy, brown, purples,  dark grey or black

Tip #3 – Lay the Clothes Out & Find Out What Jumps Out

If you are unsure about what clothes you think will work together, lay them all out on a bed, close the door and don’t go back into that room for a couple of hours. Then open the door and if anything really sticks out to your eye, then it will do the same in your portrait. If nothing sticks out, then the clothing choices you have made are perfect.

Tip #4 – Don’t Forget your Shoes

As well as considering your outfit choices, make sure that you think about the shoes you will be wearing as they will be photographed as well. Closed in shoes for the boys and in a darker colour always look classy and dressy shoes for the girls. Try and avoid thongs as these don’t photograph as well and can make you look a little scruffy.

Tip #5 – Don’t Forget your Make Up Ladies

We encourage all the ladies to wear make up for their family portraits. To ensure you have the best results, ensure that you foundation is smooth, a little bit heavier than normal and that you blend it from your face right down to neck so you don’t have any make up lines.

Tip #6 – Long Pants for the Boys

For the men in the photographs (especially dads and teenagers) long dress pants or jeans always look much better than shorts. Long pants teemed with a button up dress shirt always makes for a smart yet casual look.

Tip #7 – Avoid Clingy, Ill-fitting Clothes

Ladies especially, make sure that you avoid clothes that cling to your skin and show all your lumps and bumps. Clothing that is tailored, well fitted and a little bit looser always photographs better and you will be much more comfortable during your session. Avoid boob tube tops and thin straps and think about tops/dresses that have wider straps or sleeves.

 Tip#8 – Don’t forget the Accessories & Props

Girls we just love our accessories – don’t forget to include them in your family portrait session. You can bring your favourite necklaces, bracelets, scarves, hair accessories and of course shoes. And let’s not forget about the boys. Maybe a favourite hat or beanie. And for younger kids, feel free to bring along their favourite toys – blanket, dolls, skateboards. We can mix and match with all of these things and create a variety of interesting family portraits.

So that’s it folks! My top 8 tips on what to think about when selecting your clothing for your family portrait session. Just remember, you don’t all have to match, pick clothes that you are comfortable in and are part of your style!!

We look forward to photographing your family looking all stylish!!!


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