Annerley Portrait Photography | The studio… REVEALED!!!

Nicole | Business | Annerley | 6th March 2012

Well!! The time has come for me to introduce you to my gorgeous new little studio in Annerley. I have been in there just on a month and today the last pieces of signage went up so I can now show you what I have been working away on! It is so weird yet amazing to see my name up on the front windows. I am so excited for what the rest of the year holds and I just love love shooting in there. The light is amazing!!

I have to thank a few people that have helped me greatly over the past month – my awesome photographer friend who gave me the opportunity to take over the lease. You know who you are and I am indebted to you for giving me this amazing opportunity. I hope I do you proud. I also have to thank Mum, Dad & Andrew for helping me move all the furniture in and for Ari and Priya for swinging by admist the chaos and help me put together furniture. Without your help I wouldn’t of been able to put it all together.

So here are a few piccies of what the studio looks like! Lots of my little touches. A few more things needed to be added, but they will come over the next few months. Now all I want to do is shoot shoot shoot my little heart out!!!

So let me know what you think of my new studio!! I love getting blog comments! It really makes my day!!!!


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