Boudoir Photographer Brisbane | Lauren from Sexosophy

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Lauren from Sexosophy. Lauren is a amazing Sexologist who coaches women to have a great sex life and teaches them through education, tantra, bodywork, seminars and workshops. Lauren and I connected over Facebook in a group a little while ago, caught up for coffee and had a really good chat about everything. It was so interesting to chat about our businesses and even though we focus on different things, it was amazing the similarities. One of the big similarities is that we both work with women who struggle with body confidence and self love.

Also during our catch up, Lauren and I were talking how she had a major challenge in visually representing her business and her brand online and with social media without the images being of sex. So we decided to collaborate on a new headshot and business branding type of shoot. We created a beautiful collection of photographs that represented a great selection of headshots, but also works with energies of Dancing Eros – the maiden, the priestess, the slut and the wild. By channelling each energy and using dance and movement I was able to capture a huge variety of images.

This shoot was so awesome for me creatively, it really gave me a chance to push myself within the headshot/boudoir genre and I am so excited for Lauren to see the final collection! There are some gorgeous images there!!


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