Boudoir Photographer Brisbane | Top 9 Bridal Boudoir Things To Bring

Today I wanted to share a few extra special items that you can bring with you for your bridal boudoir session. We have an epic boudoir planning guide that you can download here, but today I wanted to share some specific items perfect for bridal boudoir.

A bridal boudoir session is just like a normal boudoir session, except we add some bridal elements into the session. The photos are typically given to your partner on the morning of the wedding as a little preview to the wedding night. So it is perfect to show off some of your bridal accessories and lingerie.

  1. Your bridal jewellery including your engagement ring!

2. Your Bridal bouquet

3. Your garter

4. Your veil

5. Something Blue

6. Personalised bridal items like MRS knickers or robe/t-shirt

7. Your wedding shoes

8. A gorgeous robe

9. Your gorgeous wedding day lingerie

So there you have it! My top 9 things to bring for your bridal boudoir session. If you want to know more, download the planning guide below.

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