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Recently I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Miss F as part of my Face of Boudoir 2018 campaign. She was the second gorgeous woman I was lucky enough to photograph. Miss F left the most profound impact on me as a photographer. You see Miss F is battling Alopecia. For over 8 years she has been loosing her hair on and off. It goes in cycles and recently she has lost her hair completely for the fifth time.

She recently received a new real hair wig and was starting to feel like herself again, however she always has a feeling of self consciousness that people might notice that she is wearing a wig or has no hair on her body. She has accepted her condition and embraced it but wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot to  give herself a confidence boost. She also wanted to do the shoot to show girls that you can still be feminine and beautiful even without hair. So that’s why we captured both photos with her wig and without.

Miss F’s attitude and ownership of her body and it’s “flaws” was so inspiring. She had been dealt the alopecia card, but instead of being depressed and sad about it, she has chosen to embrace it and show the world that you can be an amazing human being no matter what you look like. And I love this! I believe we can all take a leaf out of Miss F’s book and embrace who we are no matter what.

Miss F had the most beautiful smile, bubbly nature and absolutely loved her gorgeous curly hair for the shoot. When we finished her hair and makeup, Miss F was in tears as she felt so incredibly beautiful. And this made my heart melt. Boosting confidence and helping woman feel good about themselves is what boudoir photography to me is all about.

Confidence according to Miss F….

Being happy with yourself. Accepting who you are and rocking you. Being able to hold your head up high and be like this is me. This is who I am, because no one can be more confident about you then you!

And these beautiful photographs of Miss F sans wig are some of my favourite. I think her face says it all. You can be beautiful, sexy, confident and happy with or without hair!

I mean how can you not smile while looking at these gorgeous photos! Miss F is one of the most inspiring young women I have ever met and we can all learn a little more about self love, self acceptance and confidence from her. Thank you so much for the privilege of asking me to capture some gorgeous boudoir portraits for you.

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