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how to fit lingerie advice from boudoir photographer

As boudoir photography is all about being photographed in your lingerie, it is important to make sure the lingerie you choose is correctly fitted. Here are 5 tips on how to correctly fit your lingerie:

1. The Band – Make sure that when you try on a bra and knickers, that the band isn’t digging in too much. It should be comfortable and sit flush against the skin. Also make sure that the elastic isn’t too tight on the skin. This will cut in and give you that muffin top feel that no one wants.

2. The Under-wire – If you are selecting a bra that has under-wire make sure it fits perfectly around your bust. It shouldn’t dig in or slip when you move.

3. The Cups – What are the shape of your boobs? What type of cups suits them? Make sure that the cup isn’t gapping or spilling out.

4. The Straps – You know you have found the right support when you can slip the straps off your shoulder and the bra stays in place. Again be mindful of the straps digging in to the skin.

5. The Feel – When you have your lingerie on, how does it feel? Does it feel comfortable and does it make you feel sexy?

The most important thing you need to make sure is that it feels comfortable and doesn’t cut in. This will make posing in your photographs easier!

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