Boudoir Photography | A great gift for your husband to be… or yourself!!!

Nicole | Boudoir Photography | Ipswich, Brisbane | 16th May 2011

So what is boudoir photography you might ask? The word boudoir means “bedroom or powder room” so when we describe boudoir photography we are meaning photographs taken in the bedroom or in bedroom attire. There are many different forms of boudoir photography from the subtle sexy to the all out artstic nude. It is about celebrating the female form and feeling good in your skin. (It’s also pretty fun having your make up and hair done to look and feel absolutely glamourous!!) Most boudoir sessions are a combination of different styles from subtle sexy to a little more racy and even artistic nude (if you dare!!). Each boudoir session is tailored to suit the individual and what they feel comfortable wearing and doing. We want you to enjoy the experience, not feel uncomfortable!!

So what do you wear to a boudoir session? Well it is completely up to you as to what you feel comfortable in. You can wear your most beautiful lingerie, a gorgeous nightgown, a beautiful tutu or even your partner’s over sized white work shirt.

I receive many enquiries about boudoir photography from my wedding clients. Most brides are in the best shape of their lives right before their wedding and they want to capture it, celebrate it with a raunchy present for their future husbands. I am sure there have been many surprised financés on the morning of their wedding, seeing how hot their brides are looking in a beautiful couture boudoir box.

But not only soon to be married women comission boudoir photography – sometimes I have clients that  just want to celebrate the woman that they are! Who they are now at a particular time in their life. It could be that they have lost a lot of weight or they want to remember the body they had in their 20’s, but what ever the reason for commissioning a boudoir photography session, I say GO FOR IT!! Every woman is beautiful in their own unique way and deserve to be pampered, celebrated and have the ability to feel sensual. No matter what size, shape or hair colour I believe that every woman deserves the right to feel beautiful and confident in her own skin. If you aren’t then please have a boudoir session and see how you feel!! The experience is an amazing one!!!

So what are our top 5 reasons for having a boudoir session?

1. A present for your husband to be as a gift on the morning of your wedding
2. Allowing yourself to feel confident and sexy in your own skin
3. Showing off all your expensive lingerie!!!
4. Immortalising your body at it’s finest!!
5. For FUN!!!

Here is what some of my past boudoir clients have said!

“I can’t express how happy I am with my beautiful images Nicole took of me during my boudoir photoshoot, they took my breath away. I was a little nervous at first, but Nicole was fantastic to work with and made the experience so relaxing and fun. I enjoyed every minute of being pampered. Thank you so much, you made me look and feel like a princess!”

– Miss B

“I used Nicole Barralet Photography for a boudoir shoot as a surprise for my boyfriend at the time. I was quite nervous in the days leading up as I had never had any sort of photo shoot done in my life. She made me look graceful and very elegant with the help of her hair and beauty team. The photos turned out much better than I could have ever dreamed of, I looked so glamourous and had more self confidence about myself being a curvy girl when I saw them. She is a very professional and patient person and has the ability to make you smile. Thank you Nicole for your wonderful photos.”

– Miss S

We have some great products to show off your beautiful boudoir photographs and that would also make an amazing gift!!! So if you would like to surprise your partner or just have a session as a present to yourself, then just send me an email to and I will book you in!!!



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