Boudoir Photography Brisbane | What do I do with the photos after the shoot?

You have been thinking about booking a boudoir session in for a long time, you love the idea of the shoot and all that it represents, but now you are thinking to yourself, “What would I do with the photos after the photo shoot?”

Well today, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite ways to display your photos. I believe that it is incredibly important to print your photos. The experience of doing a boudoir session is so much more than just the photos, it’s an experience, a feeling, so there is nothing more powerful then printing your photographs into tangible products. You want to be able to see the photos to remind you daily that you are beautiful, confident and empowered in your own skin.

The Little Black Book (or Album)

One of my favourite ways to display your gorgeous boudoir photos is in one of our Little Black Books (or albums as they are also known). These start at 20 photographs and really tell the story of your boudoir experience. Flipping through the pages of your album you see the journey of how you felt during the session – from the start where you were a little nervous to the end where you are so relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera that you let your true beauty shine through.

The little black books also make great presents as you can personalise them with a little love note in the front.

The Statement Wall Art Canvas

Have you ever thought about having a gorgeous nude art piece hanging above your bed? Taking one of your gorgeous boudoir photographs and turning it into a fine art piece is the perfect reminder of how you felt during your session. I have created multiple art pieces for the bedroom over the years and they always look so incredible.

The Circle Wall Art

Another beautiful option for artwork for the bedroom wall, is our gorgeous circle wall art. The stunning natural wood circles work really well as a trilogy, especially with a collection of black and white photographs. The perfect addition to any bedroom wall.

The Lumi Minis

Not sure about hanging photos on the wall, we have a beautiful alternative with our lumi minis. Choose your favourite three images and we will print them as gorgeous acrylic tiles. You can pop them on a shelf, a dresser or even a bedside table. Something a little smaller to display your photos.

The Framed Print

Another gorgeous option for your boudoir session is a group of gorgeous framed prints. You can print a series to hang on the wall to remind you daily how beautiful you are. There are so many options with framed prints as to what you can do with them. They can suit many different home decors and can come in black, brown or white frames.

All of our gorgeous printed products also come with the matching high res digital photo on a beautiful keepsake USB. Here at NBP we love combining both digital and printed products in our packages to make sure you have the digital negatives for keepsake but also that you have something tangible and ready to hang when you leave the studio. That way you don’t forget about the USB and you can straight away pop up your new artwork to admire.

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