Boudoir Photography Brisbane | What Does A Boudoir Shoot Involve?

beautiful feminine intimate lingerie photography by nicole barralet

Most of our clients have never had a boudoir photography experience before, so I thought I would share an overview of the experience and what happens on the day of the shoot.

All of our beautiful boudoir experiences take place at our gorgeous natural light studio in Annerley. We have a beautiful private studio perfectly set up to capture the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself! The studio itself is a blank canvas, but we have a futon that turns into a bed and we can make a whole variety of looks and feels happen within the space. We also have a beautiful makeup space for you to be pampered at the start of your session and a makeup guide to help you vocalise the look you would like.

When you arrive at the studio, you will be greeted by Nicole and the hair and makeup artist of the day. At our studio we have a couple of different hair and makeup artists that we use depending on availability.

We will check out the outfits and looks that you have brought to you session and discuss the hair and makeup look you would like. During hair and makeup we will chat away like old girlfriends getting to know one another.

After hair and makeup is completed and you are happy with your look, our hair and makeup artist will leave and the shooting phase will begin.

We will work out a shoot order of your outfits and generally start with the dress. We find that by starting with a dress and some glamour shots it gets you to feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera. Most of the time clients feel a little awkward or vulnerable initially, so being a little more clothed tends to warm everyone up. Plus it is nice to have a couple of beautiful glamour shots you could choose from in your final collection.

Then we shoot the different outfits you have brought. Generally this is up to five and we also include props if you wish. As part of our session planning process, we also ask you to fill out a session planning questionnaire so we know what you want to focus on during the shoot and any looks or inspiration you would like to include. We will work through a variety of different posing and outfits and the entire time we will coach, direct and guide you to look your best on camera!

After all the outfits have been photographed at the end of the session, we book in a time within 1-2 weeks depending on your availability to come back and view and purchase the photos.

Sounds like fun right? What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below to learn more about our beautiful boudoir experiences.

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Considering a boudoir session?

No doubt you are feeling a little bit excited, a little bit nervous and completely out of your comfort zone thinking about doing a boudoir session...

Don't worry, every single woman who enquiries about boudoir photography feels the exact same way!

We are here to help. We have put together the ultimate Boudoir Dream Planner for you to download and start planning your beautiful boudoir session.