Branell Homestead Wedding | A Real Life Wedding Story

Dale & Anikka | Wedding | Branell Homestead | 4th May 2013


Bride’s Name: Anikka Webster (Dodds)
Groom’s Name: Dale Webster
Date of Wedding: 4th May 2013
Number of Guests: 100

The History….

How did you meet?
Anikka: Dale and I met through mutual friends

How long did you date?
Anikka: We had been together for 3 ½ yrs before we became engaged & then married 2 days after our 5yr anniversary

How did he propose?
Dale had left for work like any other morning (just a bit earlier than normal) He had said that he had to go into work early to work on some extra paperwork. I went to work like usual and spent my day like any other day. At 3pm Dale hand delivered a bunch of ‘just because flowers’ to work. I came home from work later that night; we were talking about his cousin’s engagement that had happened the night before. He was joking with me about getting engaged and I commented that he didn’t have my ring so he told me to close my eyes and he left the room, he came back and told me to open my eyes as I did he opened his hands and they were empty. I looked at him and commented that I knew that he was joking; he then pulled out a box from under a pillow and then proceeded to ask if I would marry him!

The Wedding….

What was your wedding date?
4th May 2013

Why did you choose this date? Any special reason?
We chose this date as it was 2 days after our 5yr anniversary of being together.

Where did you have your wedding?
Branell Homestead

Was there any special touches, vows, traditions or tributes that you included into your ceremony?
Anikka: We tried to keep the ceremony simple and short as Dale isn’t a man of many words. We went through looking for vows that suited us and my aunty read a reading for us during the ceremony.

If you could pick one special moment from the day to remember what would it be?
Just being surrounded by all the people who love us and who have supported us through everything we have been through.

The Gown….

Who designed your gown? 
Anikka: Allure Bridal

Where was it purchased?
We purchased it from America

What was your gown shopping experience like? Was this dress the first one you tried on? Did you try on hundreds, loved it, hated it?
My dress trial was an interesting one! I took along 2 of my bridesmaids and my mother! I had tried on a few as I had liked a mermaid style dress but none suited my body type. I was describing different thing that I wanted in a dress, my 2 bridesmaids went looking through the shop and found a dress that matched exactly what I had described, the sales assistant commented that the type of dress that I had picked only suited 6ft tall models, I tried on the dress my mum, 2 bridesmaids and I all started to cry making the sales assistant eat her words and comment on how beautiful the dress looked on and how it suited me, she then placed a veil on and I could see my wedding at Branell Homestead in that dress!

Where there any special details you included in your day? Did you borrow a piece of jewellery etc?
My mum gave me a blue bird that has been in our family for years she had it on her wedding day, my aunty had it at her wedding and so I had it pinned to my bouquet to have as my something blue and something old.

Did you have any DIY elements to your day?
I think all my DIY elements were the invitations, I spent a lot of time working on them.

If you could describe the overall theme of your wedding day what would it be?
Anikka: Laid back, really that’s all we wanted and honestly I feel as that was the perfect atmosphere for it


Gown: Allure Bridal
Suits: Revolver Clothing Springfield
Bridesmaids: Lucy and Loo
Rings: My ring were custom made by Diamonds International, Dale’s ring was from Michael Hill
Accessories: Samantha Wills
Hair: Shelley Murison (Bridesmaid)
Makeup: Kate Daly (Ella Baché Ipswich)
Ceremony: Branell Homestead
Celebrant: Elaine Brosnan
Reception: (Catering) Catering with Flair
Entertainment: In the Booth (Photobooth)
Lolly Bar: Lee BonBons
Cake: Katie McIntosh (Dale’s cousin)
Bonbonerie: Lolly bar and Photobooth
Flowers/Florist: Olive Blooms

How did you find your overall experience with the above vendors?
Everyone was exceptionally lovely!! I think our only hiccup was the caterers leaving and not knowing which ended up with our guests serving out desserts.

Do you have any advice for other brides?
Anikka: Don’t leave catering to the last minute, but other than that just relax and enjoy the day! We had many hiccups leading up to our wedding, one caterer not returning emails, fiancé ending up in hospital a week before the wedding, my mother falling down stairs the night before the wedding! But we got through it.

What made your wedding day so memorable?
Anikka: Allowing the day to be about us, we wanted it a certain way and that’s how it was. I had so many people comment on me being the most relaxed bride, but you have to be relaxed otherwise you won’t really enjoy your day which would leave you remembering the worst parts instead of the best parts.

What was the funniest memory from your wedding day?
Anikka: I think it would have to be me mixing up my lines during the ceremony and swearing right into the microphone.

What was the weather and location like on the day?
Absolutely perfect!! There were only a few clouds in the sky but that was it

If there was one thing that you would change from the day, what would it be and why?
Anikka: For it to have lasted longer!!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We didn’t have a honeymoon straight away as we had our son who was 8mths old at the time, we have recently travelled to Airlie Beach for a couple of day to enjoy sometime away.


Thank you so much for inviting us to photograph your special day. It was such a beautiful day at Branell!! We wish you all the best for your married life together. Nicole xx

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