Bridal Boudoir Photographer Brisbane | What to Wear – Inspiration

Today I wanted to share a little bit of inspiration and my top tips for what to wear or bring to a bridal boudoir session. Now you don’t have to go all full bride if you don’t want to. Most of my bridal boudoir clients only have one bridal outfit and the rest are all just gorgeous lingerie items.

So what are the types of things you could include? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Bridal Lingerie – whatever you are wearing under your wedding dress
  • Garter
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Wedding Jewellery
  • Veil or Fascinator
  • Robe
  • Anything that says Bride or MRS
  • Something blue

Here are a few bridal boudoir inspo images from recent sessions.

Here are some ideas of different types of lingerie from Fantasy Lingerie that could also work.

All of the photos above are from the Fantasy Lingerie website. They have a great variety of lingerie for curves. Please excuse the over photoshopping in the above photos, they are more to illustrate the lingerie and styles that work well for curves and plus size rather than my own personal photoshopping philosophy. You can read more about that here.

Fantasy Lingerie

*The banner above is an affiliate link, if you click here and choose to purchase any lingerie, I may receive a small commission.

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