Brisbane Boudoir Photographer | 5 Things to Bring to A Boudoir Session

When booking a boudoir session, one of the most common questions I get asked is “What do I bring to a boudoir session?” So today I thought I would share five things you can bring to your boudoir session.

One of His Shirts

This works really well with a cute set of bra and knickers, or just a pair of cheeky knickers. It doesn’t have to be a white business shirt either. I have photographed many different colours… the only requirement is that it has to be his and a little bit loose on you!

brisbane boudoir photographer what to wear

His Jersey

If your man loves his sports teams and has a jersey, why not sneakily bring one to your shoot and get your sexy on! He will LOVE it!! And this can be any sporting team… or feel free to bring your cheerleaders outfit as well!

brisbane boudoir photographer what to wear

A Robe

A robe either floral, plain or lacey is a great item to bring to a boudoir session. They are super fun to play around with and a great item to start with so you can slowly get comfortable and bare more skin.

brisbane boudoir photographer what to wear

A Special Item

Has he given you a special piece of jewellery – an engagement ring, pearls, family heirloom, something he has given you.. I absolutely love featuring gorgeous little items that mean something between you and your man.. Makes the shoot even more special for the two of you.
brisbane boudoir photographer what to wear

A Corset or A Teddy

One of my favourite items or style of lingerie to photograph is a corset or a teddy. These can look super sexy and also cover the tummy, which most women love! And they flatter every body shape!

brisbane boudoir photographer what to wear

So there are a few ideas on what to bring to your boudoir session. The options are limitless and with these few items you probably already have lying around at home, we can create a gorgeous boudoir session to bring out your beauty!

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