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Here at Nicole Barralet Photography we absolutely LOVE photographing boudoir sessions. I know that it is generally a once in a lifetime opportunity so I want you to be equiped with lots of tips and tricks to have the most amazing shoot. So today here are my top Boudoir Beauty Tips!



As part of a boudoir session, a professional hair and makeup artist comes to the studio to create a boudoir look that is perfect for you. Have a think about the kind of look you would like to achieve in your shoot. Here are some suggestions:


• Sexy Curls – great for shoulder or longer length hair
• Short & Sleek – great if you have shorter hair that just needs to be tamed
• Curly or Frizzy to Straight – if you have naturally curly hair and want to mix it up • Beach Hair – just a really soft wave


• Smokey Eye with Natural Lips • Coloured Eye
• Eye Liner & Red Lips
• Natural Glamorous



  1. Arrive to the studio with no make up on. This will make it easy for the makeup artist to get started.
  2. Please make sure your hair is clean!!! If it is dirty, we cannot guarantee that the styling will hold up or last.. Plus no one wants to work with dirty greasy sweaty hair.
  3. If you would like your hair blow dried straight, arrive to the studio with it freshly washed and still wet if possible, no product in and parted where you would like your part to sit.
  4. If you would like your hair curled or put into an up style, wash it the night before (make sure you comb your conditioner through), put no product in, part it where you want it to sit and let it dry naturally. Do not straighten your hair with irons.
  5. If you haven’t had your hair cut and coloured for a while, organize an appointment at least one week out. This will allow your cut and colour to settle in before the shoot.
  6. If you are considering a spray tan make sure you do a full body exfoliation prior to the tan to ensure that your skin is ready to accept the tan and won’t flake off. Use a professional and make sure your tan is as even as possible especially keeping an eye on hands and feet. Tan tends to be most patchiest in these areas.
  7. Don’t forget your finger and toe nails. Why not indulge in a mani and pedi just before the shoot. Otherwise paint those gorgeous nails yourself. Red or Black always looks dramatic or a gorgeous french manicure is always a classic look.
  8. Don’t forget to shave those legs and other areas the night before. If you wax, do so at least 48hrs prior to let the skin settle.
  9. Don’t stress if you get a break out. We will conceal with makeup and if need be remove in Photoshop.
  10. Drink plenty of water in the lead up to the shoot. Your skin will thank you for it.

brisbane-boudoir-photography0001So there are our top beauty tips for preparing for an awesome boudoir session!!

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