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One of the things that I love to ask all of my boudoir photography clients is…

What does confidence mean to you?

And the answers are always so interesting. There is a general theme in most of the answers about being happy and comfortable in the skin you are in and loving yourself as you are. So today I thought I would share a few of the answers….

Confidence comes to me when I’m truly happy!

Confidence comes to me when I let my guard down, when I don’t care who is watching.

Confidence comes to me when I allow myself to be proud of myself.

When I say to those voices of self-doubt in my head, “I deserve this!” And believe it!!!

Confidence for me personally right now is putting on a new outfit and thinking,
– Wow, I look awesome in this!

It’s reaching a new PB at the gym with my trainer knowing that with all his guidance in the world, I was still the one who lifted that weight and got it off the ground.

It’s the rush afterwards, the feeling of joy – that’s confidence flooding your body!

I absolutely love this! I love that confidence is not just about the body.. what size or shape it is.. Confidence is a spirit, a feeling and achieving goals.

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