Brisbane Boudoir Photographer | The Experience as told by Julie

Julie | Boudoir | Brisbane | 23rd November 2014

A few months back I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous Julie for her boudoir session. She wanted to give her husband a 50th Birthday present he would never forget!! And he loved it!! It was also a great opportunity for me to show Julie how gorgeous she is both inside and out and to help her with her confidence! This is why I love photographing boudoir sessions!! We should all embrace our imperfections and celebrate who we are! Here is Julie’s boudoir experience.


Describe yourself in 3 words:
I am generous, caring and loyal

Describe 3 things people might not know about you:
I am shy, have low body confidence and quietly intelligent.


Describe 3 things you wanted your boudoir session to represent:
Change my inner body self image, have fun and surprise my husband!

How do you feel about your body?
Not so keen on my body, full of scars and stretch marks.

What is your go-to item when you want to feel absolutely gorgeous?
Dolce & Gabbana Light blue perfume

What is your best tip for feeling beautiful?

What does confidence mean to you?
Not to be a shamed of yourself and not to really care what others think of you.

The Experience…

Why did you book a boudoir session with Nicole Barralet Photography?
To do something out of the ordinary.

What does the term “boudoir photography” mean to you?
Up close and Personal

How did you find the experience of being photographed by Nicole?
I was very relaxed and a lot of fun.

How did your husband react to his gift?
It was a 50th birthday gift for my Husband. His reaction was WOW, wow you have certainly stepped out of your comfort zone. I feel very much loved. You are amazing.

Has the experience of doing a boudoir session helped you feel more confident, more empowered, sexy and comfortable with being a woman?
My experience has assisted with my low self image, I am a attractive person with an amazing body for a unfit almost 50yr old.


Thank you Julie for an amazing boudoir session and I am so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing a shoot. I am truly happy that you are feeling more confident and empowered as a gorgeous almost 50 year old!!!

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