Brisbane Boudoir Photographer | Face of Boudoir 2018 – Miss A

Recently I had the pleasure of capturing four wonderful women as part of my Face of Boudoir 2018 campaign. The first gorgeous woman that I captured was the lovely Miss A.

Miss A wanted to do a boudoir session with NBP to celebrate the gorgeous woman that she is. She is a mummy to 4 beautiful children, loves all things health and fitness, works out every day and wants to be the best role model for her kids. She really wanted to do something just for her, to celebrate that she is much more than just a Mum. She wanted to do something for her that made her feel sexy and proud of the body that she works so hard for.

She believes that confidence is being happy with the body you’re in and loving yourself regardless of your flaws.

Miss A was such a pleasure to photograph. She has the most beautiful, piercing blue eyes and a smile that lights up the whole room. She was so easy to photograph and we captured some absolutely stunning boudoir portraits.

If after seeing these gorgeous boudoir photographs you are thinking to yourself… I need to own a beautiful collection of photographs like this… then Get In Touch! I would love to chat to you more about creating a beautiful boudoir experience just for you.

Go on, be brave! You deserve to own a beautiful collection of photographs that make you feel gorgeous, more confident and comfortable in your own skin!

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