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Capturing Your Sexual Confidence with a Boudoir Photo Shoot


You’ve booked in and you have turned up for your boudoir photo shoot and something inside of you just hopes that authentic confidence will begin to ooze out once you hear the shutter click.

You hope that loved ones will see exactly what you want to portray.

You might have already imagined what the images could look like and what you want them to capture.

You want to see that part of you that whispers sex goddess, that part of your personality that says magnetic and that smile that tells people you know exactly what you want… But there can be a barrier to accessing this part of you. She can be hard to coax out without preparation; when she is unfamiliar to you or you haven’t seen her in a while (or ever).


So, how can you be best prepared on the inside to get the most out of your boudoir shoot? As a sexologist that assists women to have more satisfying sex lives, I’m going to share with you what helped me during my own boudoir photo shoot.

1) Get to know your photographer before the shoot ~ Sure, you might still feel nervous during it but that feeling of assurance and trust will increase your comfort so that fear and the fear of ridicule/judgment/shame can be disabled. It will also help you to move through the thoughts of ‘what will the photographer think of me?’ because you will already know that you are in safe and sexually liberated hands.

2) Dance ~ go to whatever dance classes permit your own authentic movement before you are photographed. Why? Because opening up the hips and feeling flow move through your sacral chakra (the space of sexuality around your womb) will permit you to have more physical freedom during your shoot and exude confidence. Robotic, constrained and restricted movements and smiles are challenging to photoshop!

3) Switch yourself off to invisible influences ~ This can be difficult but be determined not to have your photo shoot tainted with negativity from conditioning and societal messages. Boudoir photography is a process that supports the expression of self-love and respect. For me, when things became cloudy in my mind during my shoot, I actively ground myself through breath and stripped it back to the fundamental reason I was stepping forward in my vulnerability: to create a new memory and perception of my body that will forever be intertwined with my sexuality. How gorgeous is that!

4) Create some mantras and established pep talks to boost you during the shoot ~ the opportunity is there to be embraced and is only there for a few moments. Speaking to your mind and fear centre in the present moment will allow a sense of relaxation to move through down into your body. You might even need to tell your body that it is safe and can be open and free. You could cover up and be shy (and live with a sense of regret) or you can just go with it!

5) Do poses that work best for your body and shape ~ trying to imitate someone else’s body is unlikely to give you the same result. You need to work with the way that you are shaped and the natural lines that your body possesses. Your boudoir photographer is best positioned to help and to gently reflect this back to you. Trust their eye and above all – Be yourself. Everyone else is taken – Oscar Wilde.
My own boudoir photo shoot is still an integral piece of my sexual history. In 2012, I journalled this afterwards: It also emerged that I was becoming what I wanted to be and the confidence to talk about sex started to surge through my veins. I was bubbly and animated and the reason for my success was feeding me from within like a consistent supply of nourishment. It propelled me to keep discovering as I wanted to keep feeling and investing in this untapped realm. I was exuding sexuality and it became my energy source.

Lauren xo
Lauren is a qualified Sexologist and creatress of Sexosophy – a space where women can embody their authentic sexuality through talk and somatic sessions, seminars and workshops. For more information, go to


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