Today I wanted to share my thoughts on a topic that always comes up whenever I have a woman in front of my camera.. Bodies.. And how women feel about their bodies. And I am sad to say that there is not a lot of conversations I have with women who are positive about their bodies.

As a photographer most of my clients straight away tell me all the things that they don’t like about their bodies.. That they don’t like their stomach, or they have small boobs or their little toe is crooked…  I don’t know if it is insecurities or vulnerabilities or someone in the past pointing out their imperfections but it is generally one of the very first things people say… or can you photoshop me to look better… but that’s a whole other article. So I am here today to tell you that…

No one cares about your body except for you.

Most men don’t (and if they do, then they aren’t great men) and most of the people in your life don’t either (unless of course it is a major health concern). It is so important to focus on your health (emotional, spiritual and physical) and how you treat people and the impact you make in the world.. How are you inspiring others around you? Are you being positive? Are you being kind? Are you setting the example to all the other women in your life, especially your daughters?

We need less judgement. On ourselves and other people. Someone recently said to me… why do you show every photoshoot (that you are allowed to), shouldn’t you only choose the beautiful people? And I was gob smacked… and offended by this comment as it hits one of my core values…

I believe EVERYONE is beautiful… and deserves to be SEEN!

All body shapes. All age groups. All personalities. All ethnicities. All imperfections.

These comments and the constant bombardment of photos being over photoshopped to “perfection” is why women are always feeling so bad about their bodies. And for what reason.. Why are we all so judgmental of each others bodies? Why are we spewing out negativity towards ourselves and others?

Whenever I have these conversations with my clients, I always leave them with the thought… If we spent all the time we spend putting ourselves down and feeling bad about our bodies and channel that energy into something positive… imagine all the change we would see in the world.

So my parting words of advice are…

You are enough.
You are beautiful.
You are powerful.

You are so much more than what your body looks like.

Focus on making an impact in the world. How do you treat others. How do you make them feel. These are the things that people will remember when you die.. Not the size of your boobs or how big your bum was.. They remember the kind of person you were and the impact you made in the world.

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