Brisbane Boudoir Photographer | Inspiration… Where does it come from?

Nicole | Boudoir | Brisbane | 19th March 2014

As a boudoir photographer, I am constantly looking for inspiration on how I can improve, adapt and create new and beautiful photographs for my clients that show off not only their individuality but their inner beauty. So I thought I would write a little blog post about where do I get my inspiration from. For me, inspiration comes from many places – first and foremost my clients, looking at and visiting art galleries, reading and looking through magazines, searching on Pinterest and of course other amazing photographers.

First and foremost, my inspiration comes from my clients. Each woman that I photograph is unique in how she looks, who she is and what she wants to express through a boudoir shoot. I love looking at the outfits and props that each of my client brings to a session. Props are an amazing source of inspiration and I love that all of my clients bring some their own props, as it truly creates individuality to their shoot. Of course I have a few basic props in the studio, but I love being inspired by outfit and prop choices. I love going through the planning process with my clients to really get them to think about what they want to say and showcase in their shoot.

The photo below is a great example of being inspired by one of my clients prop choices. Miss S wanted to include a little bit of a burlesque feel into her session, so she brought her feathers in to include. I LOVE how they photograph and really want to purchase a set for the studio to use!!


Another source of inspiration for me is looking at fine art. I love heading over to GoMa and the Queensland Art gallery to see the latest exhibitions. I love looking at old paintings especially of woman to see how the artist has used light and shade to create beautiful paintings. I also love looking at the poses in the paintings and seeing how they could apply to a boudoir shoot. I also love looking through fashion magazines at the latest editorials to see what is on trend, the concept behind the shoot and what the photographer/model/art director is trying to say through the shoot. I also love looking at the latest hair and makeup trends to see if they could be applied to a boudoir session.

The photograph below was directly influenced by looking through fashion magazines. I really wanted to create a beauty shot that showcased the gorgeous jewellery that Miss S was wearing. I remember seeing a photograph in a magazine with a similar posed and loved it which resulted in the below photograph.


The below photograph is an example of one of my fine art nude photographs that was heavily influenced by art and paintings. Miss K wanted to create a beautiful black and white nude portrait that she could hang above her bed as a piece of art, that had a little bit of mystery as to who it was. It was really important to have beautiful lighting and a subtle pose which was directly influenced from paintings and art history.


And lastly I love being inspired by other photographers. I have a collection of amazing boudoir and fine art nude photographers that I love seeing what they are up to, how they are pushing the boundaries and creating their own individual style of photographing women. I love watching different workshops and online tutorials on how to pose woman and bring out their best. I think I take a lot of different elements from different photographers and combine it to make my own unique shooting style. I also love getting on to pinterest and searching for different posing inspirations, different lighting techniques and crazy prop ideas. Pinterest is awesome for being able to look at different photographs from magazines and/or blogs from around the world without having to be buried in magazines!!

The photo below was directly influenced by one of the tips and tricks that I learned from one of my favourite boudoir photographers, Christa Meola. She has written an amazing boudoir book and one of her tips was to shake up your hair. I love the results of giving the beautiful Miss S this direction – sexy, playful and I just love her joyful expression.


So that is a little bit about where I get my boudoir inspiration from. I must admit I love trying out different concepts or ideas, new poses and playing with different lighting and being pushed by my clients to do better and be better. I love that I can create an amazing experience for them and some beautiful art that they would be proud to hang on their walls or tell a beautiful story in a boudoir album.

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