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Nicole | Boudoir | Brisbane | 1st March 2015


A couple of months ago, I published a blog post about why I love photographing weddings and I promised to write a blog post about why I love boudoir and chose to focus on boudoir and weddings in my business over the past year.

Boudoir photography is a genre of photography that I kind of just fell into. When I first started out full time in my business, I did a facebook shout out for anyone who was keen to do a photo shoot – any kind of shoot. And two of my first clients were requests for fine art nudes and a cheeky boudoir session. I must say that when I first approached the fine art nude session I was so incredibly nervous. I had to hire lights and a background for the days as I hadn’t yet purchased any and I borrowed my sisters house as a location for the client to come to. I felt like I was completely out of my depth. But something magical happened. My client was relaxed. She brought plenty of posing inspiration for the types of photographs she wanted and I made it through the session without any major hiccups. I look back on that shoot and am incredibly proud of what I produced and there is still a shot from that shoot that is one of my favourite boudoir photographs even to this day.

It was from there that I was asked to photograph more of these sessions. I really started to look into the boudoir genre and learn more about the art of boudoir photography. What makes a great boudoir photo? What is the kind of mood that I want to portray? How do I want my girls to feel when they are photographed? The trend of boudoir photography was really starting to take shape in the states, but was still relativity new here in Australia. It was certainly a genre of photography that I really enjoyed shooting – not just to capture some gorgeous photographs of the girls I had in front of my camera, but for getting to know the girls – their stories and their body confidence journeys. Every girl that steps in front of my camera has her reasons for being there and I love hearing about the why. The conversation no matter where it starts always ends up being about body confidence and how society is so hard on women and their bodies.


Sometimes when I mention that I photograph boudoir or fine art nudes, I think a lot of people tend to think trashy or x rated style of photography. I have always tried to capture beautiful, sensual, tasteful boudoir photos that capture the beautiful nature of each and every woman that steps in front of my camera. I love photographing women of all ages from 18 right through until 50+. I love photographing all body types and really being able to bring out the beautiy in each and every one of the women that I have photographed. An amazing photographer, Sue Bryce that I follow and have learnt many tips and tricks from, has a motto that resonates with me “I want to take the most beautiful photograph of you that you have ever seen.” This is a goal that I have for every session and I try to achieve this each and every time a woman steps in front of my camera. I want to showcase what makes her uniquely beautiful.

I think that boudoir photography is such an empowering art form. I love taking a woman who is incredibly nervous in front of the camera, feeling a little insecure and daunted by the prospect of being photographed, into a gorgeous confident woman who is comfortable walking around naked. The journey of confidence and empowerment is what drives me to be the best boudoir photographer I can be. I love hearing every woman’s story and reason as to why they have chosen to do a boudoir session. I have women who have chosen me to photograph them to help them through their body confidence issues, women who are on a healing journey after being sexually abused want to feel empowered, confident and beautiful in their skin again, Mums who want to feel good in their bodies again after having their beautiful children, women who have been through a hard time or a relationship break up to women who want to surprise their partner with a cheeky little gift. It amazes me that as a society and especially as women we are all so insecure and judgmental about our bodies. I love that through photography I can help each woman that steps in front of my camera feel a little more confident and comfortable in their own skin. We spend way too much time feeling crappy about our bodies, it’s time that we embrace who we are and celebrate our uniqueness at whatever size, shape or form that takes. As long as you are healthy, that is all that matters.


So that is a little overview about my boudoir photography journey and the “why” behind my passion for the art and the experience. I love that feeling that each client walks away with. I learn so much from each and every woman that steps in front of my camera and I feel that it is such a privilege to get to do what I do.

And to finish off a this blog post, here are a few of the gorgeous women I have had the pleausre of photographing.




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