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Nicole | Boudoir | New York | 3rd July 2015

A couple of months ago, I was on the trip of a lifetime, my American Adventure. We spent 3.5 weeks travelling around America with the last week spent in New York. When I turned 30, I wrote a 30 by 30 list and have slowly been ticking items off that list. Two of the things on that list was that I wanted to travel to New York (check) and the other was to experience a boudoir session with another photographer. So I decided I would combine the two and book a boudoir shoot in New York.


As a boudoir photographer, I think it is incredibly important to be able to provide the best experience I possibly can for my clients, and in order for me to do this, I felt that I also needed to experience what a boudoir session feels like – you know the motions of planning, preparing, the nerves, being in front of the camera, everything. Plus as a woman, I wanted to hopefully feel the same way that I want my clients to feel in the lead up, during and walking out of a boudoir session. Plus who doesn’t want gorgeous photographs of themselves?


So I began my search in New York. I was looking for a particular style and taste of boudoir sessions so I sent off my email enquiries. I initially didn’t mention that I was a photographer, as I wanted to make sure that I was getting the full client experience. It was an interesting process being on the other side of enquiries. Normally I am the one who is responding to my clients requests, so it was fascinating being on the other end. The responses to my enquires were quite interesting – some photographs asked no questions, gave no personality, some were quite rude but the one thing I was surprised about was the lack of willingness to give me their pricing information. I mean I was travelling half way round the world, of course I was willing to invest in my shoot.


In the end I decided on the beautiful Kate Ignatowski as my photographer. Her work really spoke to me. I love the heart behind who she is not only as a photographer, but as a person. She came across warm, friendly and asked me personal questions about why I was travelling, where I was from. And I loved the idea of being photographed on film – something that is different to what I do. I was excited!!


And so began the planning. I sourced my outfits, packed my bags and headed off to America. On the day of the shoot, I was feeling less than sexy. I was battling a chest infection and after a few weeks of travelling I was tired.  But Kate and the gorgeous makeup artist Annie worked their magic and transformed me from tired and sick to feeling confident and gorgeous. I must admit while I was walking to the shoot, I was a bundle of nerves. Going through the motions of getting my gear off in front of another photographer was nerve racking. I had such an interesting internal conversation with myself. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was considering I do this all the time with my clients, but I guess when the shoe is on the other foot.



Kate was amazing, she was so warm, friendly and we chatted and laughed through the entire session. I was so excited to see the final results and anticipated the arrival of the film scans for my viewing. I remember walking out of the session and through the crowds of people down on the streets of New York feeling on top of the world. I felt sexy, confident and just happy. I had completely forgotten I was sick and tired. That afternoon I really took a moment to be present. I took a moment on the sidewalk to just stand, absorb and feel so incredibly proud that I was working hard and achieving my dreams. There is certainly a vibe in New York that supports dreams. It’s a city thats tough, that’s diverse but oh so supportive of everyone getting down and living out their dreams. The fact that I had just walked out of an amazing experience, ticked two items off my bucket list I felt on top of the world.


So the most biggest thank you to Kate for your warmness, friendless, not freaking out when you found out I was a photographer, for creating some beautiful photographs for me that will be a constant reminder to live out my dreams.

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