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Today I wanted to revisit and share my studio manifesto. As a photographer I wanted to create a manifesto that would set the tone of how I feel about every women I photograph in front of my camera. I believe as women we are so hard on ourselves and how we look, I wanted to create a manifesto that I could pop up on the wall in the studio and set the tone for how I want you to feel as you walk into my studio – empowered, valued and beautiful. I also wanted to be able to create a fridge magnet that allowed me to gift one of my clients so they could pop it on their fridge and read the manifesto every single day.

I wrote my studio manifesto when I first opened the studio 5 years ago and I recently had one of my very first clients come in for another session and tell me that she still has my studio manifesto on her fridge and this made my heart sing. I want to be a body positive ambassador and share love wherever I go.

My intention with the manifesto was to make sure that all of my clients remember how they felt during their session and when they are having a bad day they can remember that someone cares and believes in them. I wanted it to be empowering, memorable, full of love and something people could read daily.

So here it is…

We all need more love and body positivity in the world. So if you know anyone who needs a boost, please share my manifesto and tell them that they are loved.

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