Brisbane Boudoir Photographer | My Top 10 Boudoir Planning Tips

boudoir-photographers-brisbane-wearOne of the things I love about being a boudoir photographer is helping my gorgeous clients plan their shoots! Most women who book in for a boudoir session have never experienced one before so they are a little unsure as to what to wear, bring and do in preparation for a shoot. So today I thought I would share my top 10 planning tips. Here they are:

  1. Bring a cocktail dress that you love and feel sexy in. If in doubt bring that little black dress that I know every woman owns. Or if you don’t really have a cocktail dress, just bring something you love wearing that’s not lingerie.
  2. Make sure you bring the right underwear for under your cocktail/dress – ie. if it is strapless make sure you bring a strapless bra.
  3. Make sure you bring lingerie that has been fitted for your body type. It shouldn’t be too tight as this will cut into your skin and give you that muffin top look.
  4. When buying knickers, Brazilian cut lacey ones are the best as they don’t tend to cut into your hips to create that muffin top look and when doing bum shots they make your bum look amazing.
  5. When buying g-strings purchase a size bigger to avoid the cut in muffin top look.
  6. If you are bring a garter belt with stockings make sure you don’t buy the stay up kind. The sticky stuff at the top makes it hard for the garter to attach to the stocking. Look for the stockings that are specifically for garter belts.
  7. If you are wearing lacey or sheer underwear ensure you cut the tags off otherwise you will see them through the underwear.
  8. If you have a smaller chest and want to enhance the ladies, then don’t forget to pack the chicken fillets (aka silicone inserts).
  9. Don’t love your tummy – thing about bring in items such as corsets, teddies (the lingerie kind not the bear kind) or a body suit.
  10. Bring more than you need. That way we have a few options if something isn’t working.
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