Brisbane Boudoir Photographer | The Experience as told by Miss J

About You

1.Describe yourself in 3 words:
Outgoing, quirky and sentimental.

2. Describe 3 things people might not know about you
I absolutely love Harry Potter, I can be self-conscious and I hate trying new things!

3. Describe 3 things you wanted your boudoir session to represent
I wanted my session to be something that made me feel confident, I wanted to feel great about myself and all the changes I have made in the last 18 months to be here.

4. How do you feel about your body?
Depends what day of the week it is!

5. What is your go-to item when you want to feel absolutely gorgeous?
A flowy dress! Always makes me feel feminine and confident.

6. What is your best tip for feeling beautiful?
Be happy

7. What does confidence mean to you?
Confidence is something that you need to create for yourself, it can’t come from anyone else.

The Experience

1. Why did you book a boudoir session with Nicole Barralet Photography?
As a gift for my soon to be husband

2. What does the term “boudoir photography” mean to you?
I always thought it was for super skinny models, but it’s such a great way to feel beautiful about myself.

3. How did you find the experience of being photographed by Nicole?
It was so carefree and causal, she made me feel beautiful, confident and calm!

4. If you did the shoot as a gift, how did you boyfriend/partner/fiancé/husband react to the gift?
I haven’t given it to him yet, wedding is 5 weeks away but I’m sure he will love it!

5. Has the experience of doing a boudoir session helped you feel more confident, more empowered, sexy and comfortable with being a woman?
It started as a gift for my fiancé, but it turn d out to be much more for me! I love knowing I did something out of my comfort zone and how well it turned out.

And a few words from Miss J…

I was so worried to begin with, I kept it to myself and knew that the only people I would ever show the photos to would be my Fiancé. But since being with Nicole and picking my album photos I’m so proud of them, I’ve told so many friends about it and am so glad I did it.

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