Brisbane Boudoir Photographer | The Experience told by Miss E

A little earlier in the year, I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous Miss E for a bridal boudoir experience. I always love sending my clients a questionnaire to ask them about boudoir photography and how they found the experience. This is Miss E’s story.

About You

1. Describe yourself in 3 words 

  • Fun-loving
  • Loyal
  • Determined. 

2. Describe 3 things people might not know about you

  • I have a photographic memory
  •  I love music and can play numerous instruments
  • I have tattoos but usually I conceal them. The only obvious one that people would know about is the treble clef on my wrist.

3. Describe 3 things you wanted your boudoir session to represent

  • Empowerment 
  • Sexiness
  • Beauty

4. How do you feel about your body?
I don’t think I will ever be 100% happy with my body but I am certainly happier in my own skin now than I was in my 20’s. I don’t worry as much about my appearance now I’m older. 

5. What is your go-to item when you want to feel absolutely gorgeous?
Wearing a pretty dress and nice shoes! I love dresses by Review – they fit my figure perfectly and accentuate my shape and all my best features. 

6. What is your best tip for feeling beautiful?
BB cream! I love how it makes your skin tone look even and it’s a confidence booster when not wearing any make up and when you’re wanting to be fresh faced.

7. What does confidence mean to you?
Being happy in your own skin and knowing what you want out of life and not being afraid to go out and get it! 

The Experience

1. Why did you book a boudoir session with Nicole Barralet Photography?
I had seen advertising on Facebook for Nicole’s boudoir sessions and I was intrigued! I wanted to do a boudoir shoot as a wedding gift for my partner and decided to take the plunge and go for it. 

2. What does the term “boudoir photography” mean to you?
Wearing lingerie or beautiful clothing that accentuates your best features… A photography session that is sexy but also tasteful and makes your beauty shine. 

3. How did you find the experience of being photographed by Nicole?
I absolutely loved it! I had a ball and would definitely do one again. Nicole made me feel completely at ease and I had so much fun during the shoot, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. 

4. If you did the shoot as a gift, how did you fiancé react to the gift?
I’m not sure yet.. our wedding is a few more months away but my partner is always telling me I’m beautiful as I am so I’m pretty sure he’s going to love the photos! 

5. Has the experience of doing a boudoir session helped you feel more confident, more empowered, sexy and comfortable with being a woman?
Yes definitely. 

“I’m very glad I chose Nicole to capture these images for my boudoir shoot. Nicole is such a lovely, caring and genuine person and you can see she is very passionate about her work! Nicole ensures you pose in certain ways that show the best of you and I felt super comfortable with her guidance during the session. I was laughing the whole time and had a ball! Nicole is an absolute professional, both before the session with communication, during and after, plus she processed/edited my photographs very quickly! Before I knew it I was selecting my favourite images to be used in my Little Black Book. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone, not just for boudoir photography but for all types of special occasion photography. ” – Miss E

If you loved reading about Miss E’s boudoir experience and would love to know more, then Get in Touch! We’d love to chat to you about boudoir photography and what the experience can do for you!

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