Brisbane Boudoir Photographer | Top 9 Prop Ideas for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

One of the things that I love doing as part of a boudoir session is making the experience personal to each and every client. One of doing this is by encouraging them to bring some props or something that is meaningful to them.

So here are my top 9 props that I have photographed over the years.

  1. Burlesque Feathers

2. Ballet Slippers, Bridal Veil, Confetti, Cowboy Hat & Roses

3. My client’s favourite guitar

4. A white sheet… stuck for lingerie ideas, let’s just use a white sheet I have in the studio

5. Want to show off your sparkle? Bring some sparklers!

6. A Santa Hat – perfect for a little christmas surprise.. and of course you can’t forget the fake snow!

7. A lace mask.. very 50 shades

8. Love your arts and crafts? Let’s bring some paint!

9. A white business shirt, one of my fave go to props!

 A prop can really be anything that means something to you. From something you can wear, to something you can use as part of a fine art series or just something meaningful. Bring it along and let’s have some fun!

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