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Today I wanted to write a little blog post about a topic that I see endlessly as a photographer…

Self Worth.

One of the saddest things that I witness as a photographer who photographs so many women is that they don’t think they are worthy. They struggle with having their photograph taken. They don’t think they are good enough, photogenic enough or feel like they need to loose weight before they have their picture taken. And then if they are brave enough to actually get in front of the camera, they pick at every little detail – every line, how their skin looks, a crease in clothing… and just can’t see past those imperfections that most people don’t see. And this breaks my heart.

I believe that every woman is beautiful. They are beautiful in their own unique way.

How boring would the world be if we all looked the same? We should be celebrating our differences and know that everyone is imperfect. It is just human nature. Half the time, no one would even notice that there is a line on your face, or your arm is a little curvier than you would like it to be. Most of the time they are looking at the gorgeous connection you have in your eyes or the beautiful smile radiating from your face.

As women, we are so much more than our face, our arms, our stomach or our legs. We are the heart and soul. We are how we make people feel – this is what beautiful is.  It’s through our words, through our smile, through our kindness and how we treat others and ourselves. It’s about being positive and always on a journey to do better, to be better.

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I have way too many conversations with women about our body hang ups. We are all our own worst critic. What we hate about our bodies, others probably don’t notice or really don’t care. Our focus should always be on health – how we feel, the foods we eat to nourish our bodies, being emotionally healthy and moving our bodies because we love the way it makes us feel. And how we dress reflects our own personal style, what suits our own unique body shape and how we want to present ourselves to the world.

And when we start to be kinder to ourselves, it is amazing how much around us changes. Imagine if we spent all the time and energy we used being nasty to ourselves and channel that energy into loving ourselves and being kinder to everyone around us. Imagine how the world would change. And it only takes one. And then another and before you know it, the world is a more positive place.

So if you are reading this I want you to know. That you are more than just the body you inhabit. Nobody is perfect and we should celebrate our differences. Every woman no matter what her body size has or has had pimples, stretch marks, scars, moles, rolls, lines and wrinkles. The people around us love us for who we are and how we make them feel. Our focus should be on health and not body perfection. We should focus on being kinder and more loving to ourselves and others.

Every woman is beautiful. You are worthy. You are loved.

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