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One of the most common reasons I hear from the lovely ladies enquiring about a boudoir session is they want to create a really special gift for their partner. They have been thinking about doing a shoot for a while, but they need a final push to step out of their comfort zone and actually book the shoot. One of the common thoughts my clients have is… “Will he like it?”

This thought pattern is completely and utterly normal. Doing a boudoir session is all about getting outside your comfort zone and being vulnerable in front of the camera, so there is always a little concern and/or nerves about firstly doing the shoot and secondly what his reaction will be…

But rest assured… he will LOVE it… I have seen and heard many reactions of my clients partners and they ALL LOVE the photos! Generally the guys are completely and utterly speechless and usually have the biggest smile you have ever seen. I mean what man doesn’t want beautiful photographs of his woman. I know that every man thinks that his partner is the most beautiful woman on the planet so he will totally LOVE the photos!

Still not convinced, here are a few past NBP boudoir blokes have said about their ladies…

“Mr J loved the photos (he got a bit teary) said it was the best present and surprise he has ever received.”

“He loved the idea of a boudoir session and said the photos were gorgeous!” – Miss S

“My partner was left speechless when I presented him with my gift and he was amazed at the quality of work done by Nicole including both the pictures and the book itself.” – Miss A

“I surprised my fiancé  to be the night before our wedding with a album of photos. I can’t write the text message I did get (it’s a bit cheeky), but he was blown away with how all the photos captured me in all different shades of my personality, flirtatious, sexy, happy, cheeky and I looked like I had a great time.” – Miss J

So as you can see, the guys absolutely LOVE the final results of a boudoir session, and you will too!! If you have any questions or would like to chat more about a boudoir session then

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We love chatting about boudoir and your reasons behind wanting to do a session! We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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