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As a professional photographer, one of my all time favourite genres of photography that I love shooting is boudoir photography. I absolutely love it! Not just because of the beautiful photographs we create at the end of the session, but the why behind doing a boudoir shoot.

“Boudoir is much more than a photography session. It is a feeling. It is stripping back and embracing who you are as a woman. It is about empowering yourself to look and feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. It is about saying to society that I am happy, healthy and loving and this is my body, no matter it’s shape and I love it!”

brisbane boudoir photographersSo what exactly is a boudoir photography session?

Well, a boudoir photography session is a photo session is essentially a photo shoot of you in your lingerie. Firstly you are pampered with professional hair and makeup and then we capture some gorgeous photos of you! Each session is completely tailored to each client’s comfort level. Most boudoir sessions start off with a little bit of glamour, then some lingerie photos followed by some fine art nudes.

brisbane boudoir photographers

The idea behind being photographed in your lingerie or nude is all about just stripping back, taking away all the outer layers we put on and just embracing who you are, imperfections and all.

There are so many reasons why clients come in for a boudoir session.. Here are just a few:

  • They want to step outside their comfort zone and feel more confident in their skin. This is the main reason 99% of woman come in, but they need an excuse so many times it is a gift for their partners, but really, it’s a gift for themselves.
  • They want to surprise their partner for their anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.
  • They are celebrating a milestone birthday and want to do something different to represent that moment in time.
  • They have just completed a fitness or weight loss journey and want to record their results and boost their confidence.
  • They are getting married. A bridal boudoir session has become more and more popular as gifts to give their husbands to be on the morning of the wedding.

brisbane boudoir photographersSo that is a little overview of what boudoir photography is and why so many woman want to do a boudoir session. And if after reading this you are thinking to yourself… I need to own a beautiful collection of photographs like this… then Get In Touch! I would love to chat to you more about creating a beautiful boudoir experience just for you!

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