Brisbane Boudoir Photography | 10 Reasons I Love Photographing Boudoir

Today I wanted to share a little more about me, Nicole the woman behind the lens. I’ve been photographing boudoir now for nearly 10 years and I am still as in love with the genre as I was when I captured that very first session. So today I thought I would share my top 10 reasons why I love photographing boudoir sessions.

  1. The Why – every single client who books in for a boudoir session has a reason why she wants to do the session. I love asking and hearing her stories. Sometimes its just because my client want to feel more beautiful and comfortable in her skin, sometimes its the excuse for as a gift for her partner but really she is doing it for her, or it could be as a celebration of beating breast cancer, overcoming divorce or recently completing a fitness challenge. No matter what the reason I love hearing about it and celebrating her.
  2. Hair and Makeup – I absolutely love the first part of a boudoir session where my client is getting her hair and makeup done. It’s like three girls are just hanging out and chatting away. I find this really helps my client relax and the conversations we have during this time are wide and varied.
  3. I love meeting and celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, ages and professions. It really doesn’t matter what you look like, for boudoir I just want to capture you. And there is so much joy in celebrating our uniqueness.
  4. I love that boudoir is so much more than just a photo shoot, that it’s an experience and one that leaves my clients feeling amazing long after the photo shoot.
  5. All the beautiful lingerie! I absolutely love lingerie and seeing the feeling it gives women when they put it on especially with a pair of heels!
  6. I love that boudoir is all about empowerment. Society tells women constantly that they are not good enough, so it makes my heart fill with joy being about to create an experience that empowers, uplifts and inspires my clients to be the very best version of themselves.
  7.  I love “that moment” that happens in every boudoir session. Sometimes its quick or sometimes it takes a little longer, but there is a moment during every boudoir photo session where my client drops the wall, embraces the vulnerability, opens wide and feels completely and utterly comfortable. It is in this moment where I can then capture the most beautiful photographs of my client because they not only look gorgeous, but they feel it too.
  8. It’s always so much fun! And exhausting and sometimes challenging, but that is also part of the reason why I love boudoir!
  9. That feeling I feel when my clients see their finished photos for the first time – most of the time it is the first time they have truly felt beautiful, worthy and seen. This is my WHY!
  10.  The beautiful artwork that I know lives on in my clients home long after their session. A printed photograph hanging on the wall, reminds my client of how they felt during the experience. So that on the days where they feel like crap, they can look at the photo and remember that feeling and take it with them throughout the day.
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