Brisbane Boudoir Photography | 5 Ways to Improve Your Body Confidence

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As a photographer, one of the biggest issues I see with women is their lack of confidence, especially body confidence. When ever I have conversations with people and mentioned that I am a photographer, I hear one of the following things:

• “I really need to update my photos, but I need to loose weight first”
• “I’m not photogenic”
• “I always look so awkward in front of the camera”
• “You’ll need a lot of Photoshopping to work with this”

And so many more variations… And it totally doesn’t have to be like that. We all have unique bodies, we all are perfectly imperfect. It’s just a matter of accepting who we are and having the confidence to rock it, in front of the camera and in life.

One of my missions as a photographer, especially a photographer of women is that I want to use photography as a tool to empower women to feel beautiful, worthy and seen. I want them to love their photos and help them along in their self love journey. I know what it feels like to be in a curvy body with constant pressure (both externally and internally) to look a certain way. I have worked so hard in my own self love journey to arrive at a place of body acceptance and body confidence. I know I am not perfect, but that is completely ok. I am beautiful as I am and I am going to rock it. And as part of my journey, I wanted to put together a guide to share with all of my beautiful clients and followers of some of the things that I have learnt along the way.

So please download my free 5 Ways to Improve Your Body Confidence PDF. I would love to hear about any shares or a-ha moments you may have reading the guide. Enjoy x

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