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Today I wanted to share a little blog post about Confidence! It is one of my absolute favourite subjects and something that I am so incredibly passionate about. As a boudoir photographer and as a woman, I believe that every woman deserves to feel confident within herself. Not just in her body, but the way she lives her life. Empowerment and confidence are my “why” for photographing boudoir. I absolutely love how it can incite change in my clients life by stepping out of their comfort zone and owning who they are.. flaws and all.

One of the things that I love to do is to hear what my clients think about boudoir photography and what confidence means to them. When a client enquires, I ask them “What does confidence mean to you?” and it very interesting to see their answers. Today, I wanted to share these with you.


“Finding your strengths and being proud of them! There are definitely areas of my body and myself that aren’t perfect – but it’s so much more empowering to focus on the things that I do love and showcase those things. When I remember what I love about myself, I feel confident and then I am able to try more things and push myself further.” – Miss A

“Learning to feel more secure with myself.” – Miss L

“Feeling comfortable and content in how I look.” – Miss S

“Confidence is being able to love who I am and not being afraid to show that to the world.” – Miss J

“Self belief; believing in yourself and what you are.” – Miss H

“Confidence to me is always behind a smile. Entering a room and smiling is confidence, feeling sexy is confidence and understanding who you are is confidence.” – Miss J

“Being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin and happy with who you are as person. “- Miss C

“Feeling good about yourself and being proud of who you are.” -Miss D

“Being happy and feeling good inside and out.” – Miss K

Feeling comfortable in your in skin, smiling because you’re happy with who you are.” – Miss C

“Show how good you feel in your body.” – Miss M

“Confidence is knowing who you are and being comfortable with oneself inside and out.” – Miss K

“A strong sense of identity, empowering ones ability to love themselves.” – Miss A

“Being happy within yourself.” – Miss S

“Carrying yourself in such a way that you look and feel comfortable with who you are in any situation.” – Miss J

“Having confidence to me, is being able to feel completely natural and happy within your on skin, being able to look at yourself and say im beautiful and sexy”. – Miss C

“Comfortable and happy with myself.” – Miss J

“Confidence is the celebration of self, the way of seeing imperfections not as flaws but as polymorphisms that make us unique. It is the belief that everyone is a human being worthy of individual regard, including yourself and everyone around you.” – Miss Y

“Feeling comfortable and happy with who I am.” – Miss R

I absolutely love reading all of these. You can see there is a common theme – believing in yourself and not caring about other people’s opinions. Love it!!!

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