Brisbane Boudoir Photography | Our Photoshopping Philosophy

Here at NBP, we love capturing beautiful boudoir photographs of all women, all shapes, all ages and all sizes. And we like to keep our photos looking a realistic as possible. Every woman is beautiful just as they are, so we don’t want you to look at the photos and not recognise yourself. We believe that with good posing, beautiful light and a fan (everyone loves a little fan) very little needs to be done.

So that is our photoshopping and retouching philosophy. Let’s keep it as realistic as possible.

We like to keep the texture in our skin retouching as we are not fake barbie dolls with plastic like skin. We simply remove the things that you don’t want to remember forever like:

  • Bruises
  • Blemishes
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch markets

And we smooth in the bumps where your lingerie may cut into the skin (this is fairly unavoidable when working with elastic).

Overall we want you to be the very best version of you! And feel empowered by your photos not.. I look amazing but it doesn’t look like me in real life.

Want to know more about our sessions? Click below to download our free boudoir planning guide.

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