Brisbane Boudoir Photography | The Experience as told by Miss S

A little while ago I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous Miss S in the studio for a boudoir session. It was so lovely to meet her and create a gorgeous present for her husband, but also to help Miss S feel amazing in her own skin! Here is how she felt about her experience…

brisbane boudoir photographer beautiful glamourous gorgeous photos

About You

1. Describe yourself in 3 words
Enthusiastic , nice , cheeky

2. Describe 3 things people might not know about you
Can speak Spanish, organised , can’t cook

3. Describe 3 things you wanted your boudoir session to represent
I wanted this session to represent myself as a confident women , proud of my body and I wanted to share that with my husband

brisbane boudoir photographer beautiful glamourous gorgeous photos

4. How do you feel about your body?
I used to be very unhappy with my body but over time I come to love my body  … we are all different and I am so proud of what my body does for me…. I’m a curvy shape and I love it …..

5. What is your go-to item when you want to feel absolutely gorgeous?
Shoes I love wearing high heels… I’m a short person so they make me look taller and make me walk with more confidence

6. What is your best tip for feeling beautiful?
Be yourself

7. What does confidence mean to you?
Being able to be comfortable in your own skin :)…..

brisbane boudoir photographer beautiful glamourous gorgeous photos

The Experience

1. Why did you book a boudoir session with Nicole Barralet Photography?
I thought it would be a great gift for my husband to have something different but also something for me as well

2. What does the term “boudoir photography” mean to you?
Boudoir photography is much more then just pictures in lingerie. To me it’s an unforgettable and amazing experience in which I will always be glad I did, it help me so much with my confidence especially after seeing the end result I was so happy with how I looked.

3. How did you find the experience of being photographed by Nicole?
At first I was a bit nervous but Nicole helped me so much , her guidance throughout the whole experience was amazing I felt such at ease at the end .

brisbane boudoir photographer beautiful glamourous gorgeous photos

4. If you did the shoot as a gift, how did you husband react to the gift?
He loved it especially the ones where I was wearing his favourite  rugby team hat

5. Has the experience of doing a boudoir session helped you feel more confident, more empowered, sexy and comfortable with being a woman?
Absolutely yes … I would so do it again …

And a few words from Miss S…

My experience with Nicole doing a boudoir photo shoot was great. She made me fell so comfortable and she just knew what to do . She guided me though the whole process from start to finish as I had no idea what I was doing , and the end result was fantastic she knew exactly what angles would work best. The whole experience made me see me feel so empowered confident sexy and most of it was so much fun. Thank you so much Nicole xo

brisbane boudoir photographer beautiful glamourous gorgeous photos If after seeing these gorgeous boudoir photographs and reading about Miss S’ experience, you are thinking to yourself… I need to own a beautiful collection of photographs like this… then Get In Touch! I would love to chat to you more about creating a beautiful boudoir experience just for you.

Go on, be brave! You deserve to own a beautiful collection of photographs that make you feel gorgeous, more confident and comfortable in your own skin!

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