Brisbane Boudoir Photography | The Experience as told by Miss Y

A little while ago, I had the opportunity to photograph the gorgeous Miss Y for her boudoir session. She wanted to do a session to celebrate the end of her studies and to explore a creative side of her. We had so much fun and I absolutely loved creating some beautiful photographs – especially a series of dancing inspired shots. So here is the mysterious Miss Y’s boudoir experience.
About You
1. Describe yourself in 3 words
Inquisitive, attentive, petite.
2. Describe 3 things people might not know about you
I reorder my bookshelves to procrastinate, love spicy food (even when it makes my eyes water), and dream about being a professional writer or dancer.
3. Describe 3 things you wanted your boudoir session to represent
Self-love, confidence, fun.
4. How do you feel about your body?
Having struggled with body image issues as a teenager, it took a lot of effort to arrive at the level comfort I have with my body today. I am happy to be healthy and able to enjoy all the activities life entails, from dancing to hiking, to eating my favourite food.
5. What is your go-to item when you want to feel absolutely gorgeous?
Eyeliner. There’s nothing like a perfect winged liner to make me feel perky and confident.
6. What is your best tip for feeling beautiful?
Take time to look after yourself, both physically and psychologically.
7. What does confidence mean to you?
Confidence is the celebration of self, the way of seeing imperfections not as flaws but as variations that make us unique. It is the belief that everyone is a human being worthy of individual regard, including yourself and everyone around you.
The Experience
1. Why did you book a boudoir session with Nicole Barralet Photography?
I had just finished my thesis and wanted to celebrate! The boudoir session was a great way to let loose and have fun, and to have a set of professional photographs to hold onto and look at later in life.
2. What does the term “boudoir photography” mean to you?
It’s a type of photography mainly in a private setting, which allows us to show a more complex and intimate version of self than the face we usually show the world.
The photo below, Miss Y wanted to create an Andy Warhol inspired art piece for her album of her in the bridge yoga pose. I love the results! It’s so nice when you can get a little creative crazy during a shoot! Thanks Miss Y for letting me experiment!
3. How did you find the experience of being photographed by Nicole? 
I was immediately put at ease by Nicole’s friendliness and professionalism, and had a lot of fun throughout the shoot. She is very good at directing poses and finding lighting and angles that work. I have never felt more relaxed and attractive in front of a camera.
4. Has the experience of doing a boudoir session helped you feel more confident, more empowered, sexy and comfortable with being a woman?


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