Brisbane Boudoir Photography | Top 3 Tips for How to Pose During Your Boudoir Session

So you’ve booked in your boudoir session. You’ve read the session planning guide, you’ve sorted out your outfits and now the day is approaching but you are freaking out that you don’t know how to pose.

It’s ok. Breathe. I’m here. I’ve got you.

Every woman that is shown on my website, is just your normal girl next door. They haven’t been a model and all of them arrive going, I don’t know how to pose. It’s my job as your photographer, to guide, coach and direct you to look amazing in front of my camera. I love photographing with actions and movement as I find you capture more natural and authentic reactions this way.

To help you prepare for your photo shoot, here are my top 3 posing suggestions for you to practice:

  1. Twirl Movement
  2. Chin Out & Down
  3. Touch Your Body

The Twirl Movement

The twirl movement is literally twirling from side to side. Practice this in the mirror. Grab the bottom of your dress. Start facing front on to the mirror and in the same spot turn your left shoulder to the mirror. Connect your chin to your shoulder. Now twirl to the other side. Pivot your body using your feet. Start slow then have some fun with it… and even do a full 360 twirl! You’ve got this!

twirling brisbane boudoir posing

I always love doing this pose at the start of a session as it tends to relax my clients and shake out any nerves! Plus you can capture some gorgeous fun twirling shots in the process!

Chin out and Down

A second posing tip to practice before your session is the Chin out and down movement. No one wants a double chin in their photos, so this is a great one to practice in front of the mirror. Simply relax your shoulders back, bring your chin out like a duck and then down towards your chest. You will notice in the mirror that if you just go straight down you will get a double chin, but if you go out and then down you will get a nice defined chin line. Your selfies will thank me for this posing tip!

Touch Your Body

My third posing tip to practice before your photo shoot is touching your body. It’s really interesting to see how my clients react when I ask them to run their hands over their body. Some clients just get it, some feel really awkward. I mean it’s not like you run your hands over your body all day (unless you are a boudoir photographer of course) so this is a great one to practice. I always suggest starting with one hand up the top of your body say your décolletage and then the other on your thigh. Then just start moving. Pretend you are tracing a feather over your body. Make the movement, soft, flowing and continuous. It looks awkward AF if you just stop and then move so keep it flowing. And this is what the end result will be:

So there you have it, my top 3 posing tips of things you can practice before your photo shoot to feel more comfortable. And remember, I am here to guide you throughout the entire session, but if you are freaking out about posing, then this will help!

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