Brisbane Boudoir Photography | Why Choose A Female Boudoir Photographer

Today I wanted to share my top five reasons for choosing a female boudoir photography.

  1.  I get it. As a woman I totally understand how you feel about your body. I have been in a place where I don’t feel comfortable in my skin. From doing so many amazing boudoir sessions, I have learnt to love my body no matter where I am at.
  2. As females we have a different perspective on photographing boudoir. I believe female photographers are more sensual in how they photograph women and male photographers are more sexual. Of course this doesn’t mean males are one or the other, there are cross overs and I know some female boudoir photographers who photography very sexually and some male boudoir photographers who photograph more sensually. This is just a general observation I have made over time. There is no right or wrong, it’s just different and a personal preference as to how you want to be photographed.
  3. As a woman, I know your pet hates – chins, arms, stomach rolls – so when posing, I am always thinking about these things, guiding and coaching you to look and feel amazing.
  4. As a female photographer, I know exactly what to look for when editing and retouching your photos. My retouching philosophy has always been about keeping it realistic, but the best version of you. So taking out things like bruises, stretch marks and those kinds of things.
  5. There is just something about having a female photographer guide and coach you. They help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, especially in your lingerie.  You can be real with me, you don’t have to put on a show. And most of the time, the moment you drop the facade, is the moment the most beautiful photographs happen.
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