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budwa photos beautiful boudoir inspiration woman all shapes

Boudoir photography is so much more than just a photo shoot. It’s an experience. It’s a feeling. And something that I believe every woman deserves to experience.

Society constantly bombards women with images that seem unattainable to the average woman. Over recent years, there certainly has been a push to show more diversity within advertising but we aren’t there yet. And it makes me incredibly sad to think that women that so many women on the daily don’t think they are good enough because of how they look and this makes me sad.

Recently I have redefined what photography means to me. And photography is a tool for empowerment. I want to capture beautiful photographs of you – no matter what you look like to celebrate that you are beautiful. You are amazing. You are strong. And that you can have the confidence to do whatever your heart desires. Too many women hold themselves back (myself included) because they don’t think they are worthy.

“Having booked the boudoir session with Nicole, I could not be more pleased with the results. Nicole goes out of her way to make sure you feel beautiful and comfortable and just by talking to her you can tell she truly believes that everyone has the right to feel special and to celebrate their body, no matter what shape or size.” – Miss K

So how can I help as a boudoir photographer? My mission is to create an amazing boudoir experience for each and every one of my clients. I don’t care what you look like, I just want to capture YOU. I want to create an empowering photo session, create beautiful images that celebrate you, so that by stripping down into your lingerie, being photographed by a complete stranger, stepping into your power you take that bravery and vulnerability and step back into the world more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Imagine if all women felt more confident and comfortable with who they are… wouldn’t the world change dramatically.

“My partner is so happy to see the confidence boost the shoot has already given me. He’s always trying to convince me I’m more beautiful than I think I am… after this session I think the message got through! I’d highly recommend this experience to any woman.” – Miss K

One of the key differences that sets me apart as a boudoir photographer is that my style is more about sensuality, subtly, beauty, femininity and leaving something to the imagination. For this reason, I don’t photograph couples or males. Sometimes I actually feel like boudoir is the wrong term to describe this experience as there are many other photographers who’s style I just don’t identify with. But that is what the beauty of boudoir and being a photographer is all about. There is the right photographer for the right client for their right experience.

If you are thinking about doing a boudoir session, check out our Boudoir Dream Planner. Click here to download it now.

budwa photos beautiful boudoir inspiration woman all shapes

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