Brisbane Branding Photographer | 5 Tips to Take Better Photos in Your Business

As a Personal Branding photographer something I come across a lot from other small business owners is – How can I take better photographs for my business? Most business owners understand the importance of hiring a professional photographer for different projects or for overall branding, but in this day and age the reality is that a small business owner needs to know how to take some photos for their business just to keep up with social media.

So today I wanted to share my top 5 tips on how to take better photos in your business.


In order to make your photographs look great, you need to have good light. One of the best places to take photographs is near a big open window. If you are taking a selfie, stand with your face towards the window (this will give you a beautiful flattering natural light) and if you are photographing a product or something, pop it on the floor near the window. That way you have lots of natural light to work with. And if you don’t have a window, head outdoors on the deck or in some shade. Just make sure it is even light.


One of the ways to take great photographs for your business is to think about the background of your image. If you are taking a selfie, what is behind you? If you are taking some product photographs, does the background detract or enhance your product? One of my biggest tips especially for product photography or layflats is to grab a couple of pieces of cardboard (black and white are always good staples to have) that you can pop on the floor and place your objects near a window. This way you will always have a clean background and you can mix it up with different colours depending on what your branding is.


A handy little iPhone tip. A lot of small business owners take photos for their business on their iPhones. If you are taking a photograph and its too bright or too dark, did you know that you can adjust this while you are taking the photo. All you need to do is click on the live photo footage and hold it for a second or two. A little sun on a line will appear next to a square and if you slide this sun up or down it will brighten or darken the exposure depending on what you need.


A little editing tip for Instagram – a lot of people don’t necessarily know that you can edit a photo in Instagram. When you add a photo to Instagram a lot of people just add a filter and away they go… but once you have cropped your photo, down the bottom of the app next to Filter is “Edit” if you click on here it will take you to a whole heap of editing buttons. You can change the brightness, contrast, colours and even add a bit of blur! It can take a photo from Umm to Wow! Plus three great other apps that work incredibly well with Instagram is Boomerang (for making fun little movies), Layout (which can create a collage of photos) and Hyperlapse (for speeding up timelapses or movies).


If this all seems too hard, my fifth tip is to hire a pro! I love capturing Personal Branding sessions and have on occasion as part of a session given a little tutorial for my clients on how to better use their camera and show them some basic settings on manual to get their photos looking great!

So there you have it, my top five tips on how to take better photos for your business. Again, if it all seems to hard, then Get in Touch! I would love to chat to you more about Personal Branding sessions and how I can create an awesome collection of photographs to help you market your business!


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