Brisbane Engagement Photographer | Engagement Photos: What Should I Wear?

One of the most common questions I get asked as a photographer is… What should I wear? So today I wanted to give you a few ideas about what works well for your engagement photos and some outfit suggestions that have worked from past client shoots.

My biggest piece of advice is, wear something that is comfortable and co-ordinate with each other. And co-ordinate doesn’t necessarily mean matchy matchy.. It means similar colours or tones, not conflicting patterns. Here are some colours tones that work well together:

Light – faded denim, beige, cream, soft pastels or white|
Medium – mid denim, greens, blues, light grey, light browns, neutrals, pinks
Dark – dark denim, red, navy, brown, purples, dark grey or black

A few general what to wear tips:

  1. Compliment not conflict with colours and patterns.
  2. Avoid clingy ill fitting clothes.
  3. Dress for your body type.
  4. Long pants for the boys.
  5. Don’t forget about the shoes – wear something comfortable and smart.
  6. And ladies don’t forget about your makeup. Sometimes it can work well if you book in your makeup trial on the same day to see how your wedding day look photographs.

There are three main genres of clothing that I would suggest for engagement photos:

  1. Formal
  2. Smart Casual
  3. Casual



There is nothing wrong with dressing up for your photos! Kerryn & Brady wanted a bit more of a formal look for their engagement photos as they wanted to use them for their wedding invitations.

wedding photographers in brisbane engagement photos what to wear

Smart Casual

If in doubt, always go for smart casual. What does that mean you might ask? Generally a nice dress for the girls and a nice collared shirt and long pants for the boys. You can even add a white or light dress for the girls to give it that bridal type feel like the ladies below. And a guy always looks great in a collared shirt. This look and feel can suit any location that you choose.

wedding photographers in brisbane engagement photos what to wearCasual

And last but not least casual. Depending on your location of choice, jeans with a nice shirt always look great and give your engagement photographs that really nice relaxed feel! Always think about the location of where the photos are taking and what you would wear to a picnic or a party and go from there.

Just remember to wear something that suits you and you feel comfortable in and you can’t go wrong!
wedding photographers in brisbane engagement photos what to wearwedding photographers in brisbane engagement photos what to wearwedding photographers in brisbane engagement photos what to wearwedding photographers in brisbane engagement photos what to wear

So there are my top tips and advice on what to wear to your engagement shoot! I can’t wait to photograph you and your love!!

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