Brisbane Family Portrait Photographer | 5 Reasons Why You Should Include the Family Pet!

When thinking about documenting your family in a professional family portrait, have you ever thought about including the family pet? Whether it be your puppy, your beautiful cat, a lizard, the family chooks or even your beautiful horse, animals are just as much part of the family as the humans are. So here are my top 5 reasons to include the family pet.

They are a member of the family

Our pets are like another child or only children for many families. Why not capture their personalities in your family portraits. And it doesn’t just have to be the pet cat or puppy… what about a baby lamb or little piglet?

They make everyone smile

How you can you not smile when you are playing with your puppy or holding a baby chicken… Cue the kids big bold smiles… And even the adults especially if there is a poop incident!

They lighten up the mood and even cause a little bit of chaos

Yes, animals can really make the mood light and fun. And bring an element of chaos, but sometimes that is the best way to capture the most natural and authentic photos…

Capturing them in your family portraits gives you something to remember them by

Our family pets are only here for a short amount of time, so it is so beautiful to be able to capture your relationship with them, document their personalities and have a beautiful keepsake for all time.

Remember how they made you feel

And of course including the family pet can remember how they made you feel as part of the family. Animals are full of personality, can make you laugh and smile but most of all, they bring an element of unconditional love into the home. So when we include the family pet we are not only documenting what the pet looked like, but how they made you feel.

So why not include the family pet in your next portrait session? It’s a beautiful way to document the whole family, capture your pet’s spirit and unconditional love. That why when you look at the photos, you can’t help but smile and remember their impact on your family.

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