Brisbane Headshot Photographer | Photo of the Day – Carissa

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Carissa for her Personal Branding Mini Session. She wanted to create a new collection of photographs to update her online presence. We captured a variety of different looks and backgrounds in and around the studio. I absolutely love this photograph of Carissa. She looks so happy, relaxed and comfortable in this photo.

One of the most important things to look for when looking for a professional photographer is making sure you get along with them. You need to ask questions like.. What is their mission? How do they talk about photography on their website? Is it all about them or about serving you as a client? Will they make me comfortable in front of the camera? Will they give me direction? Will they help me to bring out my natural smile? How do you know if a photographer will be right for you? Have a look online. Can you see photographs of them? Do they have any video’s posted? What vibe do they give off? And why not give them a buzz to have a chat and see if you get along? If you find the right fit for you, then you will receive awesome photographs that feel totally like you!!

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If after seeing these gorgeous Personal Branding headshots and you are thinking to yourself, I would love to do this for myself and refresh my online presence, then Get In Touch! You deserve to own a beautiful collection of photographs that capture your unique personality!

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