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Are you a Brisbane small business owner, blogger, coach or creative entrepreneur? Are constantly struggling to find high quality photographs to use on your website and social media that match your brand? If the answer is yes, than this article is for you. Today I wanted to share my opinion about why hiring a professional photographer to capture a collection of beautiful photographs for your business is better than using stock photographs.


Why should you hire a professional photographer?

  • Your photographer will create a collection of unique personalised photos specific to your business
  • You can infuse your own personality and your brand personality into the photographs
  • Using unique, personal, high quality photographs will help you stand out from the crowd
  • All your photographs and imagery will consistent across your website, social media and all of your marketing collateral
  • Using high quality photographs will make you look more professional
  • Hiring a professional photographer regularly will keep your image consistent
  • By hiring your own professional photographer you can capture beautiful product shots, action shots things that are unique to you and your business

The cons of hiring a professional photographer:

  • It can be time consuming organising and planning a shoot
  • It can be expensive
  • Finding the right photographer and package for you.

So you can see there are many benefits in hiring a professional photographer to capture you and your business. But what about using stock photography? Stock photography can be great if you need to find an image fast and don’t have time to organise a shoot. But there are a few drawbacks:

  • Anyone in the world, can use the photos even your competitors. Imagine walking through a shopping centre and seeing another business using the exact same photo you have just used on 2000 brochures you have just printed.
  • Sure there are some free stock libraries available for use but subscribing or purchasing individual stock photographs can be costly over time
  • Stock photographs can look and feel like generic stock photographs and sometimes it is hard to keep consistency in look and feel from image to image
  • It can be incredibly frustrating trying to find what you are looking for

So you can see there are many benefits to hiring a professional photographer. The biggest being that hiring a professional photographer means that you will have a personal, unique collection of beautiful photographs that no other business can use. It may time a little bit of time to plan and execute a photo shoot and a little bit of cash, but the benefits are definitely worth the investment.

So if you are thinking about a Personal Branding session,

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