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One of the most common questions I receive from my clients… is “What do I wear?” and “Is there anything I should stay away from?” So I have got my researching hat on and have decided to find a few tips on how to dress for your body shape. There are 6 main body shapes – the pear, the rectangle, the hourglass, the oval, the inverted triangle and the diamond. By looking at the diamond and descriptions, you should be able to work out which shape you are. Here are some clothing tips on what to wear and what to avoid. At the end of the day if you are wearing clothes that suit your body shape, your photos will look awesome!

The Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle has broad shoulders, is top heavy with narrow hips and legs.


  • Look for tops that lighten or slim your upper half and minimise your broad shoulders. But don’t loose your curves or bust. Tops that are v-necks and other open necklines, strapless or asymmetric tops, empire-waist tops or large belts suit this shape.
  • Look for pants that add more curves to balance out your upper half. Find relax fit pants with embellishments and heavy pockets, a-line or flare out skirts and boot cut jeans work really well.


  • Stay away from shoulder pads, capped sleeves, small prints, horizontal stripes and embellishments around shoulders or bust.
  • Stay away from skinny jeans and pencil skirts.

The Oval

The oval has narrow hips and legs, a fuller bust and width around the middle of the waist.


  • Look for tops that enhance the volume of your bust and shoulders and define your waist. Things like deeper v-necklines or wide necklines. Tops that are nipped in at the waist and semi fitted or loose and draped. Look for shirts and jackets that finish at the hips.
  • The trick with bottoms is to find ones that enhance your shape without adding bulkiness. Go for things like pocketed cargo pants, straight or slightly flared skirts and bottoms that have a bit of stretch.


  • Stay away from tight fitted, small printed shirts. Don’t tuck tops in and stay away from embellishments or ruffles around waist and bust.
  • And with your pants stay away from anything super short, skirts that are tight clinging or bulky and overly tapered pants.

The Hourglass

The hourglass is curvy with a well defined waist, decent bust and proportionate hips and bust.


  • Look for tops that accentuate your curvy figure. Things like scooped and v-necks, tops that finish at the waist and look for clean lined jackets that are well cut and fitted.
  • Just about all bottoms work for the hourglass, if you have the right top. With bottoms look for pencil skirts or a-lines and jeans/pants that are fitted around the hips and bum.


  • For your tops don’t go for higher necklines or shapeless cuts. Stay away from baby doll tops or empire cuts and definitely no embellishments around the hips and bust.
  • As for pants stay away from baggy and shapeless bottoms, overly short skirts and skirts that end at the thickest part of your leg. This will make you look disproportionate.

The Rectangle

A rectangle shape has a undefined waist, smaller bust and doesn’t really have any curves – just straight up and down.


  • When choosing your top you want them to add more curves and create a feminine silhouette by defining the waist. Look for tops that are flowy around the bust, tops that have embellishments or pockets around the bust and shoulders and fitted jackets with shoulder pads to define your waist.
  • With your bottoms aim to add curves and legs while retaining the proportional balance between your upper and lower body. To achieve this you should find bottoms that have large back pockets, figure hugging and low rise jeans or pencil/a-line skirts with a cinched waist.


  • With your tops stay away from vertical patterns as they emphasise your shape, square necklines or fitted tops. You want to add curves not take them away.
  • With your bottoms stay away from straight skirts, baggy styles and anything with too wide of a flare at the bottom.

The Pear

A pear shape has a narrow waist, a smaller bust and a shapely, curvy bottom half. This means your hips are bigger than your bust. Your waist is your best asset, so don’t be afraid to show it off.


  • Tops -Large V or U neck tops, horizontal stripes, big lapels, padding or embellishments on the shoulders, cropped tops. With tops you want to show off your arms and slender upper body creating a fuller illusion to balance out your curvy bottom half. Don’t be afraid of bright colours and bold patterns.
  • Bottoms – Wide-leg or straight leg pants and jeans, a-line skirts that are fitted at the hips and darker colours. You want to minimise your lower half by slimming or elongating with dark colours and clean straight lines.


  • Stay away from tops and jackets that have decorative patterns and tops that have no shape
  • With your bottoms, stay away from pencil skirts that cling at the hips, capri style pants or bottoms that are made of stiffer fabrics

The Diamond

The diamond has broad hips, a fuller midsection and slender arms and legs.


  • Look for low neckline tops, bright colours, soft loose material and belted waists. Adding capped or puffed sleeves works well with the diamond.
  • Look for pants that slim your lower half. Pants that are of dark colours, relaxed or straight fit bottoms, straight, flare or gather skirts.


  • Stay away from tops that are tight, puffy or bulky and empire waist tops.
  • Stay away from baggy and shapeless bottoms, high waisted pants and clingy skirts and dresses.

So there you have an over view of the 6 different body shapes. These tips and tricks and graphic were bought to you buy Ezibuy. You can view the original article here. And while you are there, check out their amazing range!

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