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Are you thinking about booking a Personal Branding session but not sure WHERE we should do the shoot? Well depending on which shoot option you choose, we might have the option to to do both studio and out on location. It really depends on what look and feel you would like for your photographs.

To help you with your choices, I thought I would list some of the pros and cons of both the studio and out on location to help you narrow down and work out what would be the best option for you.

relaxed headshots personal branding photographer brisbane

The Studio


  • You can shoot during the brightest part of the day (8am-4pm)
  • The studio is never affected by the weather – even if it is raining, there is beautiful natural light in the studio
  • You have complete privacy in the studio, no sticky beaks watching
  • There are toilets, easy changing facilities and a hair and makeup table
  • Using plain different coloured backgrounds can be useful if you want to put text over the photos to deliver your marketing message.


  • The studio is small – for example you couldn’t fit a car inside the space
  • You are confined to plain backgrounds (white, black, pink, blue & red)

relaxed headshots personal branding photographer brisbane


On Location


  • Heading out on location means you can capture a wide variety of textures, backgrounds and lighting opportunities
  • You can capture a more “real world” type environment that matches what your business does
  • You can showcase where you do business


  • Photographing outdoors is completely weather dependant.. If it’s raining generally we would need to reschedule
  • The time of day to photograph is really important – early morning or late afternoon is best as the light is more golden and softer
  • You are out in public and there could be many people watching
  • Generally there are no toilet facilities or change facilities (although a car can come in handy)

At the end of the day, both locations are great for Personal Branding sessions. Choosing a location really comes down to the type of photographs you want captured and how you want them to look and feel. I have found that doing a combination of both studio and out on location can give a wide variety of photographs for you to use across many different mediums. And I am happy to chat to you more about which location would suit the type of photographs you are trying to achieve.

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