Brisbane Personal Branding Photographer | What Do I Wear?

You’ve decided you need some new head shots and want to do a Personal Branding session but you are stressing about what to wear… So today I thought I would give you my top advice for selecting outfits. I always suggest bringing at least 4 options. This way I can capture a variety of looks, feels and moods to capture your personality.

Here are my 4 options: Something light, something dark, something with colour and something unique to your industry.

Something Light

Depending on the industry you work in or the work that you do, it is always good to start of with an outfit that is a little lighter. This doesn’t necessarily mean all white. It could be a nice light top and dark skirt or pants. Think whites, neutrals, soft pastel colours… whatever light colour tones suit you.

Something Dark

Think a darker toned top or a darker dress. Again this doesn’t always mean dress in black from head to toe. Darker colour tones include blacks, browns, dark blues, purples, greens. And you can have a darker top with lighter pants.

Something Colourful

Again this doesn’t mean you have to bring the most loudest colourful piece of clothing you own (unless that is totally your style). Just think something that has a bit of a colour that works with your skin tones. This could be pinks, blues, reds, greens, yellows, purples.. any colour really. Just stay aways from really loud crazy patterns (unless that is totally you).

Something Unique

This could be your uniform if you have one. It could also mean a prop. If your a photographer you could bring a camera. If you are a florist you could bring a bunch of flowers… anything that represents your industry and can help your potential clients know what you do as soon as they see the photo.

So this is just my general guideline. Again it all comes down to individual style and choice. Wear what you feel most comfortable in, dress for your body shape and work out what colour tones suit you best. And don’t be afraid to be you. And as a base line, always dress smart casual.. unless you want a more casual relaxed feel!

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